Genesis Be Releases New Single 'Tampons & Tylenol'

Genesis Be raps about empowering women worldwide on her new single

Online PR News – 06-May-2013 – Reston – April 30, 2013 // U.S.A // Inartmedia Music sensation Genesis Be has announced the release of her latest single 'Tampons & Tylenol' from her 5th studio album GENESEQUA. Inspired by the desire to have pain relievers and tampons in the same aisle at drug stores, Genesis Be's new single addresses the issue of women empowerment. Talking about the concept behind the song, artist Genesis Be said, "A man who fears a woman's power is no man at all. A real man embraces a woman's power be it intellectual or sexual, he is not threatened because he understands how it compliments his own power. A real man doesn't demean or degrade a woman in order to make himself feel powerful. Men who feel powerless in society or in their relationship are usually the ones who want to degrade women to make themselves feel better."Interestingly, the single hit 'Tampons & Tylenol' originated at a drugstore. Ones Genesis Be and her friend were searching for Tampons and Tylenol but were unable to find it in the same isle. When the clerk noticed their frustration and asked how he could help, Genesis Be voiced her thoughts singing 'Tampons & Tylenol'.The song starts off with the objectification of women but then explores the facets of a woman's life. Genesis Be reflects on a man's perception of woman and how his ego fails to understand the power of women. The song have catchy words and seamlessly flows with the beats creating a funky tempo.Starting her career in 2005, Genesis Be's first studio album '17 in America' gained her instant popularity. Consecutively, Genesis Be also launched '18 in America' and '19 in America' in the next 2 years. In 2011, she launched another album 'Mississippi To Manhattan' that was very well-received. In February 2013, Genesis Be released the song 'Don't Touch' featuring I.Be.Tollah which became a rave at dance clubs. At the young age of 22, this talented singer-cum-entrepreneur founded 'Strive Till I Rise' Campaign to encourage the youth to contribute in improving communities. Genesis Be has also won many awards recognising her involvement for community service. In addition to her music career and community improvement achievements, Genesis Be is also a very promising entrepreneur of an up-and-coming entertainment company Open Sky Artworks founded in 2006. Like her on Facebook'Tampons & Tylenol' song is now available for download on iTunes