Our Free Weekly Parenting Subscription Service Is Now Live – Rules For Parents
05/05/2013 Our Free Weekly Parenting Subscription Service Is Now Live – Rules For Parents

Online PR News – 05-May-2013 – Venice, CA – Our Free Weekly Parenting Subscription Service Is Now Live – Rules For Parents

Are you raising children? And now and then, things can be a bit difficult for you? Raising children in today’s world can indeed be a challenge.

Children are surrounded with many distractions nowadays: technology, Internet, television, phones, tablets, games, ... Getting their attention and providing them a good home and development is getting harder.

The new site has listed its 52 rules of parenting to help parents overcome the challenges of raising children today.

And today, the site is proud to announce that is subscription service is now live.

Any parent can subscribe for free on the site. Once subscribed, he or she will start receiving one specific rule of parenting in their Inbox.

All the parent has to do is to subscribe on the site with his/her email address.

The subscription service is now free. And it will always be free.

By way of example, here is a snippet of Rule #26 Of Parenting:

‘I Feel Lucky: 5 Ways to help Your Child Feel Good About Himself’

Self-esteem, that feeling of self-worth is something that we all develop as infants. When we feel loved, when our accomplishments are valued as much as our failures are acknowledged, then we experience self-worth. Children with a great self-esteem are better placed at dealing with various challenges in their lives; they understand themselves, their strength and their weaknesses. They can make sense of the world with a more optimistic approach. Here is how you can help build your child’s self-esteem:

1. Help Him Deal with Weaknesses and Strengths

Children are easily discouraged when they do not perform as well as they might want to. This can be a major cause of low self-esteem. Help your child to understand and accept his weak areas and to focus more on his strongholds. You may say something like, “I understand you feel bad that you did not make it to the dance club. But you are so good at baseball; we can work together to make you even better so you can make it to the team.” It is best to be honest with your child about where his real capacity lays.

2. Give Him Independence

It feels good to try out new things. Novelty can bring in a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth. Encourage your child to do new positive things that may be of interest to him. Whether he is looking to take up a new spot, develop a new hobby, or try out a different type of food, allow him to explore these things. He will encounter new challenges that will teach him new lessons and perhaps help him to build on his strengths.

3. Allow For Mistakes

Do not be too strict with your child. All him to make mistakes and to learn from these mistakes. A household where mistakes are acceptable as part of life, children are less likely to feel bad about themselves or to doubt their capacity. (...)

So if you enjoyed reading this example rule, sign up today for free on Rules Of Parenting.

Final note: The website ‘Rules Of Parenting’ is also available in a mobile version, so it’s easily accessible on an iPad, a general tablet, a smartphone or any other mobile device.

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