Secure Mailing Systems Announces Environmental Policy

Ontario, Canada, May 2013 – With the focus today on going green and becoming more environment friendly, Secure Mailing Systems Inc. of Missisauga, Ontario, Canada, is proud to announce its commitment to keeping things green by making their products environment friendlier.

Online PR News – 04-May-2013 – canada – First off, the company is extending the useful product life of its offerings. Instead of using low quality materials that will certainly shorten life expectancy for mailroom furniture, mail cart and equipment, SMS have since been using commercial grade components such as metal brackets, threaded inserts, metal legs, steel frames and high density particleboard in the manufacture of their mailing system products. The use of these components guarantees the long life of the products, since these high grade components can withstand normal wear-and-tear especially in a busy workplace. The products are also designed to be easily maintained so that it would be easier for users to replace parts.
These focuses on commercial grade components have resulted into an impressive length of useful life for SMS’ products. One of the company’s achievements is to produce items that have an extended useful product life of ten years.
Second, any waste products accumulated during production of the items that can be recycled are recycled by SMS. When there is scrap wood, steel and cardboard that result from a busy manufacturing day, the company will collect these items and send them to the nearest recycling center to be reused and not thrown into landfills. In addition, the company only utilizes cartons that have been made from recycled fiber in order to reduce consumption of trees that would otherwise be felled down to create paper for the cardboard boxes. Once the installation is done and all packing materials rendered unusable, Secure Mailing Systems then takes these excess cardboard boxes to be recycled at the nearest facility.
SMS is committed to not only limiting the number of trees used to produce cardboard boxes; it is also committed to minimizing emissions of harmful chemicals during the installation of its products. The company relies only on water-based or non-salvent adhesive solutions to minimize off gassing from the product. Water-based or non-salvent adhesives are also harmless to the body because they are using water and not chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. SMS also employs an electrostatic power coating process that does not give volatile organic compounds as well.
SMS is also currently developing a system that makes use of core materials that are free of formaldehyde. Currently, it is using only wood and products developed from wood that have minimal emissions of formaldehyde as raw materials for its product offerings.
With Secure Mailing Systems Inc., you can be assured that you are not using mailroom furniture, mail cart and equipment that can hurt and damage the environment. When products damage the environment, they are also a threat to your physical well-being. Trust only green companies like SMS to provide for your needs. You can get to know about the company when you check on the link here: