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The India water industry has been facing many challenges in the recent times because of the water pollution levels, which is on a continuous rise.

Online PR News – 04-May-2013 – New Delhi – New Delhi, 3rd May, 2013: Water, is an important and essential resource that we use in our day to day life. Water is used in all fields and every activity that we do. It is used for drinking, bathing, washing, manufacturing of products and many other places. In short there is no field where water is not used. This is the reason that water is known as the elixir of life. Talking about India, it has many sources of water like surface water, rivers and lakes, springs, dams, bore wells, etc., which can cater to the water needs of the public. There is also a growing need of water due to the rise in population too. It thus becomes essential to use the resource carefully and maintain the water sources well.

The India water industry has been facing many challenges in the recent times because of the water pollution levels, which is on a continuous rise. The India water news revealed that India is among the worst countries in terms of the lack of usable water. This is due to the lack of adequate rainfall and water being a perennial resource it affects the water holding capacity in the reservoirs and dams which are the main source of ground water. Due to the excess use of water to cater to the burgeoning population, the number of ground water wells is on the increase and the depth of the water resource in many places exceeds even 1000 meters below the ground level. Many areas of water resources are being polluted due to the chemicals and toxins from various industries besides the untreated wastewater from the households directly flowing to the water bodies. gives very valuable information regarding the various policies and procedures being adopted by the government to save the water resources and enhance its availability and quality. Though the government has made it mandatory to get environmental clearance and adequate provision for wastewater treatment before giving permission to industries, it has not been very strictly implemented. They also provide various methodologies in which wastewater treatment and water reuse can be done using many recycling methodologies to maximize the utilization of the minimum available resource. The site also offers an insight into the India water business and the recent developments in Indian water companies.

When we contacted the senior spokesperson of, he reiterates, “We are putting a lot of efforts in the water reuse by providing information inputs regarding the latest advancements in this segment. Our research has been an eye opener for the mass as a whole as well as the government bodies and they have now taken up such ideas to improve the water quality and ground water levels. In order to check the water pollution our recommendations have been considered and are being implemented in many plans. We feel that its our responsibility to make people aware about the chaotic water problems in India so as to take necessary measures to restore and preserve this precious resource.” also provides various informative resources on India water business, pollution control, water treatment, desalination and various other topics of interest, which is always updated in the interest of water conservation. In the agricultural front water harvesting methods, drip irrigation systems, crop rotation, etc. are discussed on this portal for reference of the mass as a whole.

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