Acquirelists Announced Integrated Marketing Data Management (MDM)Service

Acquirelists Announced Integrated Data Service - Outsource Your Market Data Management to True Market Data Specialists. Acquirelists CRM Data Quality Service to Help Companies in Data Management.

Online PR News – 26-May-2010 – – Acquirelists announced Integrated Data Service - Outsource your market data management to true market data specialists.

Acquirelists today announced that company is ready to offer their award-winning data profiling software as part of the Data Modeling Suite. With the new product Acquirelists will extend support for Master Data Management initiatives by offering the first integrated solution that combines data profiling and modeling. "Customers involved in Master Data Management and other data intensive initiatives face challenges in understanding data in legacy systems and making it all work together," said Andrew F Robinson, CEO of Acquirelists. "By automating data profiling and integrating it with CRM's, data analysts can more easily and effectively model market data assets--greatly reducing time, cost and complexity for data management and providing more complete information for business intelligence."

Adding stale data into a strong marketing mix can bring your otherwise successful campaign to a grinding halt. You need the freshest data available.
1) Maximize your marketing spend by cleaning your file and mailing only to deliverable addresses.
2) Save money in production and postal costs by eliminating wasted mail.
3) Build strong customer relationships by always knowing where to reach your customers with your latest offers and news.
4) Increase deliverability of your mailings by keeping your data files current with new address information.
5) Increase sales opportunities
6) Market effectively for the future
7) Cost effective way to reactivate lapse/inactive customers

Acquirelists has created a suite of data hygiene and Customer Data Integration services, designed to provide you with the most up-to-date, deliverable data available. To ensure that you are using the best possible data by we perform data scrubbing, mailing list cleanup, and database or mailing list merge and purge... all the procedures necessary for smooth database list usage. Your data must be clean before you implement your mailing or advertising campaign. Otherwise, your mission critical database could be costing you major dollars. Get maximum return on your investment (ROI) by data scrubbing, data cleanup and mail list cleaning. What if you could use a full-spectrum database service to eliminate your database concerns? You can - at Acquirelists Database Services, we specialize in data scrubbing, mailing list cleanup and de-duplication also known as data de-duping or simply de-duping.


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