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Online PR News – 04-May-2013 – California – Place, 03rd May, 2013: Since the age of scripts have there been script doctors. Script doctors are more like a real-time doctors, but in the case of screenplays. These so-called script doctors are usually hired by the producer in order to cross check and rewrite the screenplay or to enhance certain aspects about the script. The script doctors or script consultants usually deal with polishing of certain aspects of scripts, such as its theme, dialogue, pacing, and other parameters. Some of such script consultants are unaccredited, while some others are credited during the release of the film or episode.

Looking out for a good script consultant isn’t an easy task. The production controller will have to find a good script consultant who is cheap as well as good at his work. Getting well-known script consultants to do your work on-site can be a costly affair. This wouldn’t be a great idea for low budget movies that is in need of script coverage. It wouldn’t be a great idea to depend on the random online website which promises script writing consultant expertise. Most of such sites are fake, unless accredited. is an online initiative by famous script consultant, Rhonda Hayter. Rhonda Hayter has been working as a permanent script analyst at Lawrence Gordon Productions. In her in professional script coverage experience which lasted for more than sixteen years, she has done an analysis of thousands of scripts. Some of the famous movies for which she worked for are Lara Crofts Tomb Raider, The Hell boy series, Event Horizon, Mystery Men, Devilz own, etc. Through, she is expecting to provide freelance script consultant expertise. She also has assistants who would help her meet the deadlines. is a platform where customers can get professional expertise at comparatively cheaper fares.

When we talked to Rhonda Hayter about her new online venture, this is what she told – “I always have loved working as a script doctor. My experience at Lawrence Gordon has given me rich insight into movie screenplays, script writing, analysing screenplays, etc. It has been lately that I decided to quit my regular job to start, and I don’t regret it. Although being a new start-up I have been receiving a lot of projects, many of them are being clients who were impressed with my work at Lawrence Gordon. I am also extending my expertise to many international clients too, who have been increasing in number these days” will probably change the face of movie screenplays and script related services that are available online. With expertise from professionals like Rhonda Hayter and cheap service charges, it is always the best bet for any client. The site provides multiple service like screenplay coverage, story notes, final drafts, continuous assessment, etc., all at rates less than 200$. With dozens of customer testimonials applauding the work of Rhonda, it’s not tough to predict the bright future of

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