DistinctiveDiamondsInc.com Updates Inventory with Top Designer Jewelry at Wholesale Prices

DistinctiveDiamondsInc.com, a leading provider of wholesale diamonds in Indianapolis, updates its inventory with new options for customers looking for top designer diamonds and jewelry at wholesale prices.

Online PR News – 05-May-2013 – Indianapolis, Indiana – [INDIANAPOLIS, May 3, 2013] – DistinctiveDiamondsInc.com, one of the most trusted wholesale diamond companies in Indiana, updates its inventory with top designer diamonds and jewelry at wholesale prices. The company’s inventory features jewelry from today’s leading brands, such as H. Levi & Co., Jeff Cooper, and Stardust Diamonds. The leading diamond provider constantly updates its inventory to offer more options for retailers and returning customers.
Graded by Three Prominent Gemological Laboratories
DistinctiveDiamondsInc.com assures clients that their diamonds and jewelry purchases are certified and their quality guaranteed. The Gemological Institute of America, The European Gemological Laboratory, and The American Gem Society grade all the diamonds from the company to give customers unbiased and accurate quality analysis reports for their purchases.
Through grading reports from these three independent laboratories, DistinctiveDiamondsInc.com is one of the few Indianapolis jewelry stores that can guarantee their clients receive only the best gems possible in terms of color, clarity, cut and carat.
Priced through Rapaport Diamond Report
The company uses Rapaport Diamond Report to offer customers reasonable rates. The report is based on the carat, clarity, color, cut, and cost of diamonds. Its non-commissioned diamond experts ensure fair pricing by informing buyers how much other retailers charge and how much they’re saving. Through this, customers can be sure they’re getting quality diamonds without the markup.
Through professional reports, the company can now deliver carefully selected and cut-to-perfection diamond jewelry. The store aims to provide customers the highest quality merchandise at the most affordable prices possible to ensure satisfaction. This continues to prove the company’s reputation as one of the prestigious retailers that achieved such standards.
About DistinctiveDiamondsInc.com
DistinctiveDiamondsInc.com is one of the largest privately owned diamond inventories in the Midwest. The company aims to offer the best value possible for their clientele. The company is part of the DDM Arabov Group of companies, which is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). This confirms the company’s commitment to responsible social and environmental practices, from diamond sourcing to retail. DistinctiveDiamondsInc.com gives clients the price and quality other jewelers cannot offer.
For more information about the company, their products and services, visit www.distinctivediamondsinc.com.