G10 Global On How To Coach A Business Team

G10 Global share advice on how to become a great team coach and leader.

Online PR News – 05-May-2013 – Glasgow, UK – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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G10 Global On How To Coach A Business Team

GLASGOW, May 2013 – G10 Global specialise in sales, marketing and management training. Here is a brief overview of “How to coach a business team” - one of the courses that the in-house development covers.

Ensure that your team is clear about goals. As a coach, just like keeping the score of a game, your team wants to know whether they’re winning. What are the important real-time numbers for your team to know at all times?

Celebrate success. Build the team up, show praise for going the extra mile or a job well done. Recognize individual and group achievements, this strengthens a team's identity, and fuels the collective passion for excellence. For instance, create a "Wall of Fame" to honour members of the team, give high fives, toast one another, or simply clap for each other in meetings - these simple acts building a sense of solidarity, efficacy, and identity.

Hone your communications skills. Having solid communication skills is a prerequisite for being a great coach in any industry. Good business team coaches keep each member of the team on track and informed. They can also lead meetings effectively and they excel in one-on-one communication.

Master time-management. Managing time effectively, both on a minute-by-minute level during the day and on a broader level, makes it possible to keep a team on schedule and keep yourself sane.

Be the leader of leaders. You must have great communication and professional skills but take it further; delegate fairly and effectively, inspire your team even in the face of setbacks, find and nurture the strengths of each team member and smooth conflicts among team members without taking sides.

Lead by example. For new teams, having a confident and dedicated coach is paramount to the team’s success. Sometimes the only way to get results is for you to show the team how to get them, so whatever you do, make sure you are better than them.

Atmosphere. Have a safe atmosphere for healthy conflict and build deep trust and
understanding among the team so you can develop a unified way of thinking and behaving.

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