Florida Real Estate Agents Catching On To Fast Sell Technique Used By Orlando Real Estate Agent

An insider’s look on why most Florida real estate agents are missing the fast sell boat and why the real message has only begun to emerge.

Online PR News – 02-May-2013 – Orlando, FL – You needn’t look far for information on Florida real estate agents. The question Lynda Miller asks is this: is there really more to the story? And if the mainstream media provides any clues, the answer is no.

Lynda Miller, a leading expert in the Florida real estate market revealed, “It’s time we separate fact from fiction and myths from truths. The real story is how to package your property to get the maximum dollar in the fastest sell time possible”.

As proof, Lynda Miller asks those with Florida real estate listings to consider these three areas before searching for Florida real estate agents to sell their property.

• People buy homes based on emotions. As a seller, a packaged home will touch those emotions the moment a prospective buyer walks in your front door.

• How can properties be positioned to stand out from the competition?

• Has absolutely everything been done to the property to affect a quick sale for top dollar

To see samples of before and after properties that have been staged to sell quickly and for top dollar go to Lynda Miller on YouTube and see the dramatic results.

Lynda Miller, Realtor® has been actively selling and staging homes in Central Florida for over 18 years with tremendous success. Recognized as The Staging Real Estate Agent, Lynda Miller is distinct among most Florida Real Estate Agents.