iPad Case Retailer to Stock iLuv Products

Recently launched e-commerce site announces partnership with iLuv to sell premium iPad cases.

Online PR News – 24-May-2010 – – Charlotte, NC May 18, 2010 – Just after announcing the launch of ProtectThePad.com, a new e-commerce website selling premium iPad cases, On Top Results announced a partnership with iLuv Creative Technology, a manufacturer of Apple device accessories. As a result of this partnership, the new site will sell iLuv iPad cases .

The new partnership will increase the product lineup at ProtectThePad.com to include some of the industry’s best iPad cases and covers. iLuv is known in the industry for its extensive product list of accessories for the iPhone, iPod and iPad that not only extend the life of these devices, but also enhance the user experience. The company has been recognized in major publications and television shows for their excellent product line, including references in USA Today, Gizmodo and Popular Science, among others.

ProtectThePad.com was launched to fill a void in the Apple mobile device industry. Keith Schilling of On Top Results stated, “While consumers have many cases and covers to choose from, the quality of many currently found in the market is quite poor, leaving the most discerning customers wanting something better. ProtectThePad.com chooses companies like iLuv to offer these products to style-conscious and tech-savvy consumers.”

“When choosing a manufacturer to partner with,” Mr. Schilling went on to say, “we look for longevity in the market, quality in design and craftsmanship, and reputation in the industry. We chose iLuv because it met all of these qualifications.”

And with record-breaking sales of Apples latest gadget, the iPad, the need for this type of product line is incredible. Consumers who rushed to Apple stores and online retailers to get their iPads are now searching for the right accessories, and ProtectThePad.com offers the best options in the market from proven manufacturers.

Because the iPad’s design is mobile in nature, the device is more prone to damage from drops, spills and scratches. Materials like polyurethane, leather, and durable plastic provide protection from these incidents, greatly prolonging the life of the device. When consumers are looking at a minimum investment of just under $500, protecting and prolonging the life of the device becomes a high priority. ProtectThePad.com aims to meet this need and help consumers enjoy their Apple devices to the fullest.

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ProtectThePad.com offers top-of-the-line accessories for the iPad, including durable, yet fashionable covers and cases. The site also sells quality accessories for other Apple devices, such as the iPhone, that enhance the user experience.

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