Is Prostate Cancer Surgery Necessary? Dr. Vorstman Explains That It May Not Be

Prominent Florida prostate cancer specialist, Bert Vorstman MD, MS, FAAP, FRACS, FACS, has posted his latest blog entitled, “Bad Surgery”, on his URO HEALTH blog site.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Miami, FL – Dr. Bert Vorstman is a Coral Springs based urological surgeon and true patient advocate with over 30 years of clinical experience. He cautions men and their partners about the many risks and complications associated with prostate cancer treatment and especially for the robotic surgical treatment of PSA screen detected prostate cancer. In fact, he recently posted “PSA’s and Prostate Cancer: Mayhem and Gore” an outline to enable men to make the appropriate decision making steps towards common sense prostate cancer evaluation and possible treatment.

The Gleason 3+3 prostate cancer is not a health risk commonly treated unnecessarily and simply exposes physicians to possible malpractice from over treatment.

Said Dr Vorstman, “The Gleason 3+3 prostate cancer is not a health risk, commonly treated unnecessarily and simply exposes physicians to possible malpractice from over treatment.” He goes on to add that “Men have been warned for several years and through various outlets regarding the very significant complications and lack of significant benefit associated with the radical surgery/robotic prostatectomy treatment for localized prostate cancer. The considerable incidence of complications and negative quality of life aspects associated with this surgery have been detailed in books like Dr. A. Horan’s, ‘The Big Scare, the business of prostate cancer’.”

In addition, Dr Vorstman said that “The great concerns about the scientifically non-validated, high-risk, irreversible radical surgery/robotic prostatectomy have been underscored by the recent USPSTF review, detailing the absence of merit to the business of wholesale PSA screening and for the surgical treatment of screen detected prostate cancer in that no significant numbers of lives were saved and that the surgical procedure simply causes great harm. This embarrassing USPSTF report highlighting the high incidence of complications associated with prostate cancer surgery also ignited LEGAL action recently so that there is now a class action lawsuit against the robot makers for their hand in robotic prostatectomy”.

Said Dr Vorstman, "Only men with high-risk prostate cancer require treatment. Some 75% of men have favorable-risk Gleason 3+3 prostate cancer and most of these men do not need treatment." The Imperfect PSA, Prostate Cancer and medical ethics.

Dr. Bert Vorstman has a passion to help men and their spouses fully understand the treatment available to them for prostate cancer, as well as the possible complications they face when seeking treatment. To review his complete works on localized prostate cancer go to or, contact Dr Bert Vorstman at 877-783-4438 or, email him at

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