‘PsychSentinel’ –The Best System for Electronic Clinical Risk Management and Assessment

Clinical Excellence- a super specialist supplier of innovative clinical mental health care software points out that PsychSentinel is an excellent tool for Electronic Clinical Risk Management and Assessment.

Online PR News – 27-April-2013 – 4/24/2013, Nedlands, WA – Nedlands, WA Patients with mental illnesses pose a risk to themselves, professionals who care for them and also sometimes to the general public. Hospitals manage to the very best of their capability when it comes to taking care of these patients and also ensuring that there is accountability for their services. Clinical Risk Assessment is basically a systematic collection of information to determine, the degree of harm that a person is likely to cause (to him or others) in some point of time. This requires time, knowledge and communication amongst all the members involved in the process. This is not always possible in a complex world where, individual knowledge, experience and best practices are continuously updated and refined.

A hospital where patients are cared for by a rotating team of clinicians, nurses and a number of allied health professionals should ensure that everyone shares the same set of patient risk assessment and care plan. With this aim in mind Clinical Excellence has launched PsychSentinel, an easy to use web tool that helps with the appropriate assessment, treatment, supervision and clinical management of 'at risk' patients.

"PsychSentinel is a 'mental health software' that helps clinicians construct a comprehensive patient risk profile and risk management plan that covers the entire course of treatment, from entry to discharge, ensuring that the highest level of security and privacy is maintained" says, Mr.XXX of Clinical Excellence.

Care providers, with proper authorization can share the same set of patient risk, care and assessment plan online. This can also be formatted for printing, saving (in PDF or HTML format), and can be faxed and even emailed. Thus information is updated and shared among all levels of people involved in the process. It's not only the care givers, but also the patient who can be involved in the assessment process by completing the safety plan assessment form. Using PsychSentinel patients can directly respond to questions on their general mood or suicidal thoughts and hence is very helpful in suicide risk management.

"PsychSentinel was launched to help hospitals reduce the risk of medico legal liability in the care of high risk patients. The software offers advanced decision support techniques that are specially designed for mental health care professionals in Australia" adds, Mr.XXX.

"Our clinical mental health software's, are designed 'by clinicians for clinicians' and are a low cost alternative to paper based assessment and care practices. We also offer a complete service and support package including data entry, transcription, training, 24/7 phone and email support, hardware and hosting services" he adds.

To know how PsychSentinel can help you manage your patients better, visit, them at http://www.clinicalexcellence.com.au