Mentor OH Is Rated as the 37th Best Place To Live in the United States in 2010

With the assistance of a real estate agent, you can easily find and purchase your ideal home in Mentor without any hassle.

Online PR News – 27-April-2013 – Mentor, OH – Rated the 37th best place to live in the United States in 2010 by CNNMoney, Mentor OH, is a beautiful city which boasts of a good supply of infrastructure and natural attractions such as its stretching shoreline which has been rated as the “longest public swimming beach in Ohio.”

Although mentor is relatively a small city – with a population of 52,000 (2010 estimate) – it boasts of a very vibrant real estate market. The increasing numbers of people moving to Mentor can be attributed to its active economic foundation and numerous educational facilities.

Are you thinking of selling or buying a property in Mentor, OH?The real estate market in Mentor OH is quite active, according to, the average price of a home in Mentor between Jan 13 – Mar 13 2013 was $144, 000.

With the assistance of a real estate agent, you can easily find and purchase your ideal home in Mentor without any hassle.

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Buying a Home
Drenik Real Estate Professionals provide consultation for individuals searching for homes in Mentor. Using its MLS property search, prospective home owners can remotely look through hundreds of properties. This search tool allows prospective buyers define the property search based on the size, prize, location and other features of the properties listed.

By signing up to Drenik Real Estate Professionals My Property Manager account, prospective home owners can save their favorite properties from the search results and receive email updates of new properties as they are being listed. This ensures that even if you do not find your desired home among the properties currently listed, you are kept updated of new listings as they come in.

Due to the recession, getting pre-approved for home loans has become more difficult than ever. With the assistance of Drenik, however, it’s possible to breeze through this process. Drenik provides information on the types of home loans available and advices each buyer on the most appropriate loan to take based on the amount available for down payment and your income-to-debt ratio. This ensures prospective home owners can quickly get pre-approved and avoid the debt trap that most buyers who take home loans fall into.

Selling a Home
Selling your home is usually a difficult decision, it does help, however, that the property is sold at a reasonable price. Drenik Real Estate Professionals offers consultancy services to assist individuals transform this winding and confusing process into a quick and stress-free experience.

Drenik Real Estate Professionals provide guidance on every aspect of selling a home in Mentor from assessing, repairing and staging it to setting the price, marketing the property and negotiating with interested persons. With the assistance of Drenik Real Estate Professionals you can get your home in Mentor listed and sold without constantly worrying whether all the important details have been sorted.

Even if you haven’t fully decided to sell your home yet, Drenik Real Estate Professionals can provide you an estimated value of your property using comparative market analysis.

With so many homes for sale in Mentor (339 currently listed properties according to, Drenik Real Estate Professionals can assist you skim through the maze of paperwork and endless details to find your ideal home in Mentor. Similarly, with the assistance of Drenik Real Estate Professionals you can be assured that your home in Mentor is sold at its true value.

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