Provides Office Solutions of the Finest Quality

Haskell has been in the business for 84 years. They have provided the best service and have enjoyed a lot of popularity among the clients.

Online PR News – 27-April-2013 – Brooklyn – Haskell New York Inc. began their business in 1928. The company has its base in New York. is the name of the service that Haskell offers. They are always keen on making sure that their clients all across the globe get nothing short of the best from them. They are one of the frontline companies offering discount office supplies, office furniture, custom printing etc. They have efficiently managed to earn a fabulous reputation for themselves. For so many years, they have also been successful in living up to the expectations of their clients. This is the reason why their clients have been so much loyal to them. The clients have extreme trust on them. They have been known for offering the best quality furniture and office supplies.
Haskell has always made sure that all the orders are given equal importance. They do not differentiate between small and big orders. They also ensure that a constant communication is maintained with the clients. There are some remarkable features of this company that differentiates them from all their other competitors.

Important Facts on Haskell

• 84 Years Experience- There have been several challenging situations that Haskell have gone through since the time they were established. However, on all occasions, they have successfully managed to get themselves out of the trouble. In fact, they have always managed to hold on to a good position and have constantly thrown challenges to their competitors. They have been through phases where they have faced a lot of financial challenges. But they have efficiently managed to come out of it. They indeed have made their presence felt on a constant basis.

• Shipping Policy- Haskell has always handled their shipping policy with great efficiency. They handle everything with extreme professionalism. They make it a point to ensure that the product is delivered at a place that is the closest to the residence or the office of the customer. They also ensure that the delivery takes place within time. They use the white glove delivery technique and the product is set up by them on your behalf. There are over 80 warehouses that they have in different places. In order to avoid late delivery, they at times opt for taking orders from distant warehouses.

• Policy of Privacy and Security- It is always ensured by Haskell that no detail of the client is shared with a third person. Everything is handled in a very confidential manner. They make use of 128-bit encryption for this purpose.

These are the key factors that make Haskell a lot different from their other competitors. It also helps them to hold on to a very advantageous position. They are extremely efficient in handling the orders. The fact that they treat all orders equally makes them very popular among the clients. The beneficial features have enabled them to enjoy so much faith from their clients. For knowing more on them, you will have to visit