QwikListen Pilot Test Will Prove A Triple Digit ROI Through Marketing Analytics

TI-data's QwikListen (tm) is an Analytics pilot test, with rapid implementation, that will provide a quick and easy experience in marketing analytics, with a triple digit ROI. Analytics uses data to generate insights that improves decision management and performance.

Online PR News – 27-April-2013 – Charleston, SC – Doubling customer conversions, retention, loyalty improvement and more.

TI-data has launched QwikListen, an analytics pilot test that can be implemented in 10 days or less. QwikListen provides a quick and easy experience in the developing field of data analytics. It will prove value and measure the ROI of an analytics system applied to your specific business purpose.

Analytics uses data to generate insights that improves decision management and performance. Analytics systems will produce triple digit, or higher, ROI.

Customer Analytics - creates Micro Segmentation to define many unique groups and enables making the right offer to the right customer groups. It improves conversion, retention, loyalty participation, and margins.

Marketing Analytics - measures campaign effectiveness and monitors competitive actions. It automatically analyzes unstructured text data on a large scale.

Listening Analytics - provides understanding of needs, wants, experiences, opinions, behavior, and more about your company or brand.

Predictive Analytics - predicts behavior of groups, outcome of events, effectiveness of campaigns.

TI-data offers the complete Analytics solution. We make it easy for our clients to gain exceptional advantage from advanced analytics. We design, implement, and manage complete, end-to-end, analytics systems. We guarantee high returns through real time actionable insight.

TI-data Analytics systems are designed for Speed, Ease and Efficacy

Speed - Rapid installation, in 10 days or less, real time insight, enables swift action in hours and days, not weeks or months.

Ease - We Make It Easy. We provide end-to-end service and assemble all required technologies. No investment in hardware, software, personnel or training.

Efficacy - Delivering Expected Results Continuously. We help you improve your business performance, measure the ROI, and then we help you improve it again and again.

Making the Complex Easy to Use
Analytics systems are complex and complicated. Big Data is big, complex and complicated.
'Social Listening' alone has more than 200 tools & platforms claiming to track and assess mentions of the brand in social media channels. Web extraction, data collection, cloud services, processors, analytics software, visualization tools, integration platforms... all need to be cobbled together to work as a single, effective Analytics system. It must be end user friendly.

Most clients do not have the expertise or the time to engage in DIY projects. We make it easy for clients to achieve excellent outcomes from an Analytics system without investing in hardware, software, personnel or training.

Purpose Driven Analytics
Clients provide the purpose, we provide the complete solution ... delivering real time insight from analytics. The best way to experience how dramatic the results can be is through a QwikListen pilot test, which can be economically implemented in 10 days or less and will calibrate the results and ROI for customer or marketing programs.

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