Recreational Drama Announces New Web Series, JUDYS, as a Scripted Version of Blog

Gay-Themed, Atlanta-Based “Comedy About Drama” Underway

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Atlanta, GA – Recreational Drama is getting scripted, as officially announced by the creator of the blog, Casey Hamilton.

JUDYS, as Hamilton revealed, is an upcoming web series in which he will write, direct and star in.

The series, much like his blog, is described as “a comedy about drama” that centers on a group of friends and their adventures in gay Atlanta.

“It’s the same comedic tone and humor that’s all over my blog but totally fictionalized,” said Hamilton. “But like me, these friends, or Judys rather, have a certain penchant for drama.”

The series is currently being self-funded by Hamilton but faithful viewers are able, and encouraged, to contribute via PayPal donation on the JUDYS website.

“The plan is to eventually go the way of crowd-funding but we’re just getting started. We’re still finding and building our audience so it seems only right that we prove ourselves to everyone before we go asking them for money.”

A promotional teaser was released Saturday (coincidentally on 4/20) in support of a “prelude season,” which Hamilton described as four episodes that serve to start the series off, each focused on one of the four “Judys.”

When questioned on who the “Judys” are, Hamilton stated: “Each character was born out of a common stereotype about gay men so there’s—the party boy, the slut, the big flaming queen and the ‘DL brother.’ My plan was to take the stereotypes and shatter them by putting them on fully-dimensional and realized characters. What if the big flaming queen was also a big old prude? There’s some juxtaposition there.”

Joining Hamilton in JUDYS is De’Von Forbes and Corey Pope, who also provided the soundtrack to the teaser, a track titled “Funkytime” performed by ReddLiteGoh, a group of which Pope makes up half of.

Singer-songwriter Briana Hightower is also involved, as co-director and editor.

“As if she didn’t have enough talents, right? We make for a really great creative team actually,” commented Hamilton on Hightower.

Filming of the pilot episode is underway but not before additional casting.

“There are four JUDYS. So far, we have three.”

Hamilton welcomes Atlanta locals to join the cast by submitting headshots his way.

“There is room. There is opportunity. And living in Atlanta for over three years now, I know that there is talent.”

The response to the start of the series has been positive so far, Hamilton says.

“We’re getting good feedback off of a two-minute teaser so whatever direction we’re going in, I think we’ll stay on that same course.”

The premiere episode is expected within the coming months, with the season finale premiering during Atlanta’s Black Gay Pride weekend.

In these four episodes, viewers will see four friends that haven’t been friends for very long and haven’t learned all there is to know about each other… yet. Then there’s the Atlanta gay scene, which we get pretty deep into exploring. It’s going to be fun stuff.”

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