illuminate Announces Full LKFS Compliance

illuminate Hollywood has announced that it has achieved full compliance with the CALM Act’s LKFS standard. LKFS is a loudness standard designed to enable the normalization of audio levels for delivery of broadcast TV and other video.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Los Angeles, Thursday April 25, 2013 – For Jim Hardy, illuminate’s CEO: “illuminate prides itself on being an early adopter of technology and regulation. LKFS stands for “Loudness, K-weighted, relative to nominal Full-Scale.” The LKFS quality control measurement is part of the Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation Act, also called CALM Act. Its goal is to reduce the discomfort experienced by TV viewers in terms of loudness changes when a program goes to a commercial break or when the viewer switches to a new channel. For years, TV commercials would cut in from a show and be much louder than regular programming. This is why Congress recently decided to fix the problem by issuing standards for all broadcasters, and we are glad to be an early adopter.”

LKFS is derived from dBFS, which indicates decibels referenced in the digital realm to the amplitude level of the most significant bit of the signal, hence “Full Scale”. LKFS is "loudness." LKFS modifies a simple amplitude level (normally expressed in dB) to resemble what people’s ears normally hear under normal television viewing conditions. The Recommended Practice, known as ATSC A/85, was generated by industry practitioners entirely independent of the government, prior to the law's creation.

About [illuminate Hollywood]
Illuminate Hollywood consists of two facilities in the same neighborhood:

- Illuminate Post/Digital finishing on Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood
Digital intermediate
• HD 2K & 4K mastering
• Digital files deliverables
• Editorial services
• Audio services
Color correction
• Film restoration
• 3D rendering
• Visual effects & graphics

- Illuminate Studios, less than ½ mile away
• 3 stages with pre-lit sets, fully equipped for HD multi-camera production
• HD optical fiber, high-speed internet & satellite broadcast capabilities
• Social TV connectivity with the "MyCast" social interface platform
Kitchen set, news set and talk show set
• Cove chroma key Green screen
• Green rooms, conference rooms, production offices, dressing rooms
• 16' high lighting grid, 48 channel lighting board, clearcom/RTS intercom
• Secure exterior staging area
• On-site parking with free overflow lot

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