Face Recognition Time Attendance to opt for HRMS Management in Organizations by 2010

Face recognition time attendance system's captured time related data now can simplify the HRMS management process. Face Recognition Solution is now offering the biometric product to the clients at an affordable rate.

Online PR News – 25-May-2010 – – It's been long in the field of biometrics, that all the biometric products are flourishing throughout the world rapidly. Every time there is a glimpse of something new is coming up. This time face recognition time attendance system is hitting the landmark and assisting the organizations to handle the most crucial information. "We were pretty sure that the timing data if measured accurately then, it could be used effectively in the payroll process. So we thought to give it a try and unbelievably all the salary related issues can now be eliminated and the payroll can be generated without any manual effort, which somehow was a bigger concern earlier. So we thought to offer the same to our clients now so that, they can also simplify their business activities and save the time." as explained by the product manager of Face Recognition Solution.

Face Recognition Solution is the biometric solutions provider company. It offers all the newly developed biometric solutions to its clients so that they can cope up with the changing world and can very well solicit the growth and development for their organizational and private sector.

Face recognition time attendance system helps in tracking the timing of the presence of the staffs at a particular premise. "We direct these timing details captured by the face recognition time attendance system to any payroll generation software which in turn generated the payroll. The tracked time can also give the information regarding the employee leaves, shift timings etc. therefore assist in HRMS management. We are even offering the biometric solution at a very affordable rate." as stated by the project manager of Face Recognition Solution.