Real Sex in Latest Video Clip by Spanish Band Mei Ming

Indie rock group Mei Ming uses nakedness and explicit sex to promote their latest song "Take me as I am".

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Spain – The 3-minute video tells the story of a band (a singer, a keyboard player and a violinist) who, during one of their rehearsals, strips completely naked, paints on their bodies the name of the group and have sexual intercourse, all of it to attract attention.

The objective, according to Juan Ramos, head of the project and author of the songs, is not so much to use sex as advertising but as a "symbol and criticism of what an artist needs to do nowadays to get their work out there." According to him, they decided to use real sex on condition that the reason they were doing it was visible and explicit.

El mar se agita

Besides the sexual content, both the video and the song include symbols, metaphors and references to not only the critical concept that was the inspiration for the video but also the hesitation of the band's members to go this far.

Both actors and members of Mei Ming participated in the production of the videoclip. The technical team includes, among others, the photographer Tham Casany and the visual artist Ramón Mascarós. Juan Ramos directed the video himself.

The video is already on the group's website and their blog for people over 18. A censored version of it is also available on their official Youtube and Vimeo channels, due to the terms and conditions of these websites, but it directly links to the unrestricted version on their official website.

Mei Ming began his career in early 2008 with the release of their first album "El mar se agita". Since them Mei Ming has continuously gigged live and publishing new tracks independently.

Mei Ming means "nameless" in Chinese, the name given to orphan or abandoned children, often because of being considered useless.

Behind Ming Mei is Juan Ramos, author of the music and lyrics of all of their tracks and implementation. He also has collaborated with vocalists Monica Montagud , and Marta Gallart Sospedra Carolina.

Ming Mei sings in both English and Spanish as their music resists the temptaion to be labelled.