Explorite.com Opens Its Services to Northeastern University Students

Social marketplace, Explorite.com, offers its wide range of services to Northeastern University students.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Boston Massachusetts – Boston, MA – Explorite.com, the popular Salem State University electronic bulletin board and classifieds for college students is pleased to announce that it is broadening its services to include Northeastern University.

Since its inception, Explorite.com has offered online classifieds at Salem State University and has just added classifieds at Boston University. The social marketplace provides a website for college students to use so that they can advertise or purchase items for sale, such as furniture, cars, and textbooks.

The idea has caught on so quickly that the site creator, Adi Pellumbi, decided to branch out to include Northeastern University students as well. Now students and faculty at Northeastern, Salem State, and Boston Universities can sign up and use the Explorite.com website. Students often need to buy, sell, trade or share college books and other items. Sometimes a college student will be searching for a cheap room or apartment to rent, or looking to buy an economical car and Explorite helps them do this.

Explorite.com was the brainstorm of a computer science student, Adi Pellumbi. He desired to help fellow students save money on their textbooks or turn used furniture and other items lying around the dorm room into cash. He saw that college life was tough enough without the added worry of having to pay full price for books and required supplies, especially when so many other students had books, furniture or cars they no longer needed.

The services offered on the website are numerous and students from all three universities can post ads for apartments, jobs, or car-pooling. Students can also find new friends or post information about an upcoming concert or interesting lecture. Explorite.com is free to use and signing up is fast.

Local newspaper ads and other resources such as this simply don’t offer the same types of specialized services for college students. The Explorite website is built just for Massachusetts college students and makes it easy to connect with other students and exchange information and resources.

Adi Pellumbi, the website’s creator, said, “We are excited about reaching out to Northeastern Universty students, faculty and alumni. We do understand the challenges that many college students face today and desire to help make college life as easy as possible.”

The Explorite.com site was originally launched on October 3rd 2012 and since that time has grown into a very popular website amongst college students. Mr. Pellumbi would like to eventually branch out to include students at colleges and schools all over Massachusetts.

About Explorite.com

Explorite.com offers a number of free services to students at Boston University and Salem State University. Students and faculty can list items for sale like schoolbooks, furniture, cars, or just about anything a college student might need. The website also allows you to post rooms or apartments for rent, car-pooling needs, or any other type of goods or services that a college student might be interested in.

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