SendReach - New and Innovative Email Marketing Platform Set to Revolutionize Email Marketing

The introduction of this innovative email marketing platform is set to forever change the way in which marketers communicate with their subscribers.

Online PR News – 24-April-2013 – London, United Kingdom – SendReach, a new email marketing platform, is now open to the public after seven (7) months of rigorous beta testing by 2000 users.

Rather than copy existing email marketing platforms, Charles "Chuck" Mullaney designed SendReach from the ground up and created to fulfil the needs of top Internet Marketers with very demanding requirements. It is so revolutionary that there are currently 14 patents pending on the unique way in which it operates.

Some of the ways in which SendReach email marketing services differentiates itself from other email marketing platforms are in the areas of:

~ Deliverability,
~ Demographic data capture, and
~ SMS messaging.

SendReach has a patent pending deliverability method that surpasses that of other providers to ensure that your emails actually land in inboxes. One of the beta testers Dr Ben Adkins noted a marked improvement in the deliverability rate of his emails using this service:

“There is nothing out there like SendReach. I've been testing it out for the past 5 months and I've seen a huge difference with my inbox rate as well as my open rate.”
Dr Ben Adkins

This email marketing software automatically find and capture publicly available demographic data on new list members within 48 hours. This information can be used to segment your lists. This allows marketers to email their subscribers with information that is relevant to them and also converse with them in their language.

SMS messaging for both broadcasts and autoresponders is integrated into SendReach at the industry's lowest price per message for a done-for-you service. What’s more, if your funds run out while an SMS broadcast is in progress. The system pauses the broadcast and then resumes the broadcast from the point at which it was paused thus avoiding unnecessary expenses for the user and duplication.

However, despite the sophistication of SendReach it has a very user-friendly and intuitive interface so that it’s suitable for beginners to advanced marketers.

Online Entrepreneur Chris Munch said:

“SendReach is the most innovative email platform out there, pushing the boundaries to truly integrate and coordinate social media user data with email promotions. With SendReach I now truly know who my audience is and can segment accordingly. It's extremely powerful!”

SendReach is, for a limited time, available at a discounted rate. Visit the URL below for full details:

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