Adyna Corp Reveals New Portable, 10 psi Rated Tsunami Life Saving Capsule

Adyna Corp. debuts new tsunami and marine portable life saving gear the "Tsunami Parachute"

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – CERRITOS, California – CERRITOS, California - Tony Otani of Adyna Corp. has debut a new tsunami and marine portable life saving capsule named the "Tsunami Parachute" with the potential of saving many more lives from tsunami and marine disaster which is otherwise impossible. The product is U.S. patent pending.

After reviewing hundreds of tsunami and other marine disaster video and pictures Tony Otani, a five time U.S. patent holder, felt it necessary to have a portable rescue gear for those unable to reach higher places.

Problems associated with an absolute safe evacuation include: No evacuation center available nearby, too short warning time, traffic jam, mid night storm, those with mobility problems, persons on duty.

Tsunami Parachute

In case of aqua rescue, complications from hypothermia may become a major factor. The "Tsunami Parachute" should solve or reduce the problems which were otherwise unavailable.

The "Tsunami Parachute" weighs 15 lbs.(6.8 kgs.), packed in 24” x24”x10”(61cm x 61cm x 26cm)approximate carrier bag, for standard size persons of 5-6 ft. tall, 120-180 lbs. weight, with buoyancy of 780 lbs.(354 kgs.) It can be deployed to 6’ high within 60 seconds after removing from the carrier bag. Deployed dimension 24” and 14” diameter at top and bottom, height 6 ft. Sizes for Extra Large, M and S are available on request.

It is constructed with the best available protection materials, 4.0mm(0.157 inch) diameter spring steel coil with 2-2.5inch pitch, a layer of heavy weight boxing punching water bag material and an extra exterior debris protection net that exceeds OSHA's Lateral Force Test requirements. The removable top cover is provided with a clear polycarbonate view window and a “dry” type snorkel for ample air supply when submerged. The top cover is removable and sealed with a divers grade zipper. The whole capsule is rated for 10 psi (23 ft. or 7.0 meter water colum) with best available materials for protection from heavy debris contained tsunami turbulences.

The "Tsunami Parachute" also provides benefits for general marine rescue to prevent hypothermia and is also for those with mobility problems.

Recommended optional emergency bag contains a satellite GPS messenger, first aids and spaces for food and water and is available for $200 extra.

Otani said, "The Tsunami Parachute is available at $800 or less for retail and is currently seeking regional distributors, venture capitalist or exporter/importer or licensee."

About Adyna Corp.
Adyna Corp. has developed a new tsunami and marine rescue portable Capsule named "Tsunami Parachute." During a tsunami lives were lost due to people being unable to reach a higher safe place primarily those with mobility problems. A portable and strong shelter capsule should help to resolve these problems. It also save lives from hypothermia when there is a maritime disaster.

Adyna Corp. is an engineering consultant company and is seeking distributors, venture capitalist or licensee for future development.