Amscreen teams up with CONTENTed to launch new creative programming and sponsorship initiative

CONTENTed digital media Sports and Entertainment programming will be aired across Amscreen's digital advertising network of 6000+ screens.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – London – Amscreen the worldwide digital outdoor screen network has struck a deal with CONTENTed digital media to carry Sports and Entertainment programming across its 6000+ digital signage network.

The innovative deal means that screens will now have a series of programming initiatives based around major events presented by famous celebrities. In the coming year, sporting events as The Lions Rugby tour, Golf, Cricket and the Ashes culminating with the Football Worldcup in Rio 2014 will offer various content led opportunities for brands looking to align themselves with this kind of up to minute, well received news. This coupled with engaging entertainment and news feeds will form the basis of the partnership.

Adam Bullock Co-founder CONTENTed comments "The ability to create short form interactive programming with talent is the next step for digital out of home. Amscreens technology allows us to deliver an immediate experience to its audience underpinned with real time social interaction".

Amscreen focuses on reaching audiences in high dwell, close proximity environments helping to deliver more than 30m adults every week. Their advertising estates including forecourts (BP, Esso, Shell etc), national convenience stores (Londis, Spar etc) as well as WHSmith and GP surgeries throughout the UK.

Jamie Lindsay Managing Director of Amscreen say "Our research tells that entertainment and sports orientated content is the most sought after amongst our forecourt audience specifically so this kind of partnership was an obvious next step in developing content based sponsorship opportunities for our clients".

Amscreen's wirelessly networked screens are unique in their ability to deliver content by an individual site in the UK to a Pan European audience in a matter of minutes. It these content delivery solutions which underpin the entire network that is allowing CONTENDed to deliver live, automated content via day-part targeting, site specific, audience specific or even reactive to certain sporting events.