Onseeker Technologies Points Out The Increasing Prominence Of HTML5 In Web App Development

Counted as one of the most trusted mobile app developers in Texas, Onseeker Technologies delivers a wide range of mobile solutions for business owners. Onseeker Technologies emphasizes the growing prominence of HTML5 in development of web apps.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Houstan, Texas – Onseeker Technologies, one of the leading mobile app development companies in the Houston area, points out the growing prominence of HTML5 in development of web apps. HTML5 makes it convenient for app developers to create web-based applications and update them remotely without causing any inconvenience to customers.

The increasing use of internet on mobile devices has prompted the development of web apps offering improved functionality. With the help of HTML5, app developers can build applications that operate well across various devices and platforms. Users will be able to enjoy better functionality and take advantage of the feature-rich web-based applications developed. This eliminates the need for customers to download and install the web app each time a new update is released. HTML5 is the preferred option to develop business applications that need frequent updates.

Frank Danna, the Communications Director at Onseeker said, “The key advantage of using HTML5 in developing web apps is the ability of the app to work efficiently on different platforms. This effectively reduces the cost of app development, as the development of apps for individual platforms requires time and significant amount of money.” Many experts believe that HTML5 is a great option for developing simple web apps with basic functions. Although issues of fragmentation and consistency in user experience remain, it won’t be long before HTML5 leaves native app development behind. The trend of using HTML5 to develop a portion of native apps is catching pace among business owners.

Business owners increasingly favor the development of hybrid mobile apps. These hybrids take advantage of the best features of both HTML5 and native apps. Business owners should analyze the objectives of the mobile app before deciding a mobile strategy that will support them in meeting their business goals.

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Onseeker® Technologies is one of the largest mobile app developers in the United States. With over 300 apps developed and deployed, they continually provide their clients with exceptional apps at remarkable prices. Onseeker® excels in providing platform based apps for radio stations, churches and ministries, authors and sports teams. They also build mobile apps, custom applications and mobile sites for companies looking to take their content and experiences mobile.