Hypnotherapy Clinic Introduces New Weight loss Treatment

In response to the overwhelming demand, a Harley Street hypnotherapy now offers new treatments.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – London – In response to the overwhelming demand, a Harley Street hypnotherapy now offers new treatments. Hypnotherapy sessions for other ailments and disorders are available in this London clinic owned by expert hypnotherapist Adam Cumberland.The clinic has been well received by patients from all over. Satisfied patients come back for their hypnotherapy sessions.They also recommend the clinic to their family and friends.With such positive response, the clinic’s owner saw the need to expand their list of treatments and now offer gastric band hypnotherapy.

The appeal of the treatments in this London hypnotherapy clinic lies in their practicality.The hypnotherapy sessions are not complicated.During the sessions, patients are made to feel comfortable and at ease so that they can share their deepest feelings.In the process, the hypnotherapists helps the patients deal with these feelings in a positive rather than destructive manner.Patients recover from their disorders and are able to banish negative behavior in as short as one 3-hour session.

Hypnotherapy to create a gastric band is one of the hypnotherapy treatments for weight loss offered in the clinic.Some people with extreme weight problems resort to surgical gastric band procedure.This involves binding the gastric band so that it is decreased in size.This makes patients feel fuller even with just a small amount of food.Those who wish to experience this kind of result but who are hesitant to go through surgery can opt to go for hypnotherapy treatment.

In gastric band hypnotherapy, patients are conditioned to believe that they have had the surgical procedure.The mind is tricked into believing this to be true. Patients are taught mind control techniques to achieve this. When they are successful,they behave in the same way that people who have gone through gastric band surgery do.

Hypnotherapy treatments are offered for eating disorders, anxiety disorders, communication and relationship problems, and other behavioral problems.The hypnotherapy sessions are conducted at the Harley Street hypnotherapy clinic of expert hypnotherapist Adam Cumberland.Patients can call or visit the clinic for more information about available treatments as well as other pertinent procedures involved in the therapies.

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