Cygnus World School in Gujarat Opens for Academic Session April 2013

Cygnus World School in Baroda is starting its academic session from April 2013 and details about the school, its culture, and how to get admission forms etc

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Vadodara, 24th April, 2013 – Vadodara, 24th April, 2013: Cygnus World School in Vadodara which is starting its 2013 academic session from April had started distributing forms for the same since November 1st, last year. Admissions are currently open for the kids in Nursery to students of Grade 6. The school focuses on child centered education and hence the teacher student ratio of 1:30 has been so kept that the teacher is able to give individual attention to each child. Other details regarding the admission or any query by parents can be personally answered by a Cygnus counselor at the school campus in Vadodara.

As the official spokesperson for the company says, “The curriculum of the school has been designed by a professional team of experts from Hyderabad who have helped us create a balance between contemporary Indian teaching techniques and international standards of teaching. The ultimate aim is to provide a comprehensive approach towards the development of a child. Our academic sessions start in April every year and forms are distributed for the same sometime in November the year before. So if you want to enroll your child into Cygnus World School in Baroda for the April 2014 session, November 2013 is the time for you to look out for.”

While most schools concentrate only on the aspect of curriculum, they forget that the school gets represented as a brand through its name and its logo. This school in Gujarat is a pleasant exception. Cygnus World School has been named after a well-known northern constellation of stars which represent the form of a flying swan. It is said to personify the objective of the school which is to nurture the good in every child so that each of them can shine like a bright star in the sky.

The spokesperson tells us about the school logo, “The swan like structure is to emphasize the grace and elegance which we look forward to inculcate in our students. The colors too correspond to a meaning. While the white stands for purity – of thought, action, and integrity; the blue and the green symbolize a sense of oneness with nature as the blue depicts the color of the skies while the green is for the nature that lies below.”