Technology Veteran, Dennis Cagan of Copper Mobile, Honored by DBJ

Dennis Cagan, a board member and former chairman with Copper Mobile, named "Outstanding Director" by Dallas Business Journal (DBJ)

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Dallas, TX – April 18,2013 Dallas, TX. The Dallas Business Journal (DBJ) has recently announced the names of the 12 recipients of its prestigious ‘Outstanding Directors’ award for 2013. One of the honorees of the award is Mr. Dennis Cagan, a board member and former chairman with Copper Mobile, a Dallas based leader in enterprise mobility services.

A well-known personality in the high-tech/IT industry, Mr. Cagan is an unusually broad background. He has played numerous leadership roles with early and mid-stage companies. Early in his career he was the founder of David Jamison Carlyle Corp., at the time one of the country’s largest computer peripherals distributors - going public in 1981. He has served on the boards of 49 companies, and is currently engaged with three, including Copper Mobile.

Copper Mobile provides end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions for organizations in verticals like healthcare, technology, retail and field services. They have a comprehensive services portfolio ranging from strategic mobility consulting to mobile application development to support and enhancements. In a short period of time, Copper Mobile has established itself as a leader in the mobility space. Mr. Cagan has been an important part of this success. One of his notable achievements was building out a world-class board of directors.

The Outstanding Directors Awards are aimed at honoring directors and boards that have demonstrated vital leadership and have guided their businesses' towards success. These are one of their kind awards, which recognize the behind the scene campaigners who help script business success stories, while staying away from the limelight. Mr. Cagan was one of only two directors selected from private companies.