Chughtais Lahore Lab celebrated World Hemophilia Day

April 19, 2013- an event was hconducted by Chughtais Lahore Lab “Creating Love for Life” at Rana Hunting Rehsort to mark the celebration for World Hemophilia Day.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Lahore, Punjab – April 19, 2013- an event was conducted by Chughtais Lahore Lab “Creating Love for Life” at Rana Hunting Resort to mark the celebration for World Hemophilia Day.

World Hemophilia Day is of paramount importance worldwide. It is celebrated annually on 17th April and this year’s theme is “Advancing Treatment for All.” The Pakistan Welfare Society of Hemophilia is the only society in Pakistan that is registered under World Federation of Hemophilia and has been serving hemophiliac patients. Chughtais Lahore Lab, a pathology laboratory, has been providing patients with free diagnostics support and other medical services since its existence. Creating Love for Life is an event that is conducted for hemophiliac patients who are registered with the society.

The event started with the cake cutting ceremony. Students of Central Park Medical College, Punjab University and Government College, volunteered the event. The event included games section, art and painting section and food stalls. Every activity at the stall was free along with the gifts for hemophiliac patients. The top ten paintings of patients were also awarded with special gifts.

The key purpose was to ensure the patients that they are special and have an equal importance in the society. Other fun activities included tonga rides, train rides and singing gala. The event was concluded with the gift distribution ceremony among all the hemophiliac patients and certificates of participation to all the volunteers whodevotedly helped to organize this event. Dr. Shahla Tariq, president of Pakistan Hemophiliac Welfare Society, also thanked Chughtais Lahore Lab and all those who organized an event and recognized its importance.

Today there is a need to support hemophiliac patients with diagnostic and most importantly to spread awareness about hemophilia, as there are only 1800 patients registered in Pakistan and total projection worldwide is 33%. So there is a strong need to spread awareness by these events like World Hemophilia Day and make sure that its diagnosis is important as these patients need an equal care and support.

Author: Amber Fida
Company: Chughtais Lahore Lab