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FREE Self-Hypnosis Downloads - "Mind Affinity Recordings" is NOW the NEW trading name for "The Miracle of Self-Healing Publishing Company" - Due to an ownership change.

Online PR News – 24-May-2010 – – Mind Affinity Recordings will continue distributing their range of FREE self-hypnosis downloads through their Internet site. Furthermore, the new owners of the company promises to steadily keep increasing the range of free hypnosis downloads that the site offers visitors.

What's more, the free self-hypnosis downloads that are available from the site will continue to carry their original name, The Miracle of Self-Healing. The company's CEO, Christine McDonald reports, "Although their are some extremely interesting changes proposed by the new owners, the fundamentals of the company will stay the same. And this certainly applies the our free self-hypnosis downloads Internet site." Christine went on to say, "We we concerned the company's web site might be abandoned by the new owners, however, they assure us this is not the case, which is a relief to all. Our free self-hypnosis downloads site receives a constant supply of "Thank You" letters so we know the site helps many people and it would be a shame if this stopped."

"Release the Winner Hidden Inside You" will be the first of the new recordings that are to carry the 'Mind Affinity Recordings' label. It is an updated version of what is an extremely popular free self- hypnosis download title, and will contain the unique 'Release Meditation' self-analysis program, devised and presented by the author and presenter Steven Luzern. It conservatively estimated the Steven Luzern has had over 1,000,000 of his free self-hypnosis downloads downloaded over the last 10 years. All of his free self-hypnosis downloads have in the past been sold in stores, by direct mail, or over the Internet.

The new owners of this free self-hypnosis downloads web site also believe, like the previous owners, that the Internet offers excellent opportunity's for the word to share its knowledge and discoveries. This is the reason they will continue to distribute free self-hypnosis downloads as mp3 recordings. As Christine said, "We believe this is the finest free self-hypnosis downloads site on the Internet and we intend to keep it that way".

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