Online study material provided by education portal Topper Learning is a sure shot way to achieve success for JEE aspirants.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – New Delhi – New Delhi, 24th April, 2013: Online education portal Topper Learning ensures that its users ace the JEE Entrance Exams 2013 with the help of their various study materials like Mock Tests, Assessment Reports etc. The company provides an edge to its students by making available for them over 50,000 questions that is inclusive of past years question papers that form the base for practice. Mock JEE Tests are conducted every week and the pattern of questions is maintained same as JEE. Additionally, all Mock Tests are organized by JEE experts who have several years of experience in this field.

As the CEO and official spokesperson for the company says, “Our online study material will help you to score well in the upcoming JEE Entrance as the tests have been vigilantly selected to give an individual get the real feel of tackling a JEE paper. Apart from Mock Tests, there are Fixed Chapter Tests that help a student to test his knowledge about a particular chapter and there is also the Test Generator that allows you to generate your own tests. Thus, if a student feels that a particular topic requires more rigorous practice, he could do that. Tests are carefully planned to help students get the best out of exams.”

Apart from providing students with study material to help them prepare for the JEE Entrance Exams, Topper Learning also provides students with various kinds of Assessment Reports that help them gauge their performance and realize where they lack in each topic and what needs to be improved. The basic type is the Snapshot Report which is a summary of the performance of a student in a particular test. There are also Question Wise and Topic Wise Reports – while the former provides details for each correct answer along with an explanation of why it is correct; the latter is a general idea about performance in various topics that helps identify the weak spots.
As the official chairperson further adds, “Among all the Assessment Reports, perhaps the most important is the Time Management Report that analyses how much time one spent on each question and the rate of accuracy for the same. At the end of the day, helping a student to successfully appear for his Entrance Exams is our primary motive.”

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Topper Learning is an online education portal that helps students of ICSE, CBSE, and other state boards like Kerala and Tamil Nadu to prepare for their upcoming board exams. The company provides guidance through sample papers, online tests, solved solutions, and questions banks etc; catering mainly to the needs of students in the PCB (Physics-Chemistry-Biology) and PCM (Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics) group. Students can also learn from video lessons and take advantage of the knowledge of various learned faculty members.