BORIS: ROBOT OF LEISURE Examines the Life of a Space-Age Novelty

Whimsical graphic novel BORIS: ROBOT OF LEISURE promotes optimism and imagination in face of uncertain future.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Toronto, ON – BORIS: ROBOT OF LEISURE is a graphic novel that blends retro-futuristic science fiction, mid-century cocktail culture and silent comedy into a timely and surprisingly human story of one robot’s pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.

Meet Boris—a gentle robot equipped with curiosity, ingenuity, and the ability to mix the perfect martini. Designed as an integral part of a “house of the future” known as Zükünfthaus, this recreation specialist finds his programming insufficient when the future is different than expected. Boris distracts himself from anxieties through dancing, cocktails, costumes, pillow fights and road trips.

“As a servant programmed to assist in leisure tasks like party planning, Boris needs a certain amount of sentience to sense and anticipate human needs...he needs to be able to refresh a drink or liven up a dull party without command,” explains author Katharine Miller. “Even when faced with disappointment, Boris remains true to his instincts. He isn’t interested in revenge or world domination. He just wants to invite you over to drink cocktails and watch The Pink Panther movies.”

Set in our post-atomic age, BORIS: ROBOT OF LEISURE reflects the reality of the early 21st century—society has abandoned space-age novelties like robot helpers and fully automated homes, leaving Boris and his Zükünfthaus as relics from an unrealized future. The world of The Jetsons never came to pass. But then, Boris has more fun than their maid Rosie ever did.

BORIS: ROBOT OF LEISURE merges past, present and future in a nostalgic tale full of innocence and imagination. Miller experiments with the graphic novel form through juxtaposition of hand drawn illustrations and vector graphics, minimal use of dialogue or narration and vivid full-colour panels set on a dark gray background. BORIS: ROBOT OF LEISURE becomes almost cinematic at times, making the experience akin to reading a silent film.

BORIS: ROBOT OF LEISURE began as a series in 2010, with each installment focused on a singular challenge and resolution including dashed expectations, loneliness, interpersonal conflict and purpose in life. The dark themes of the story are offset by absurd and whimsical situations. Readers take delight in this deceptively simple story full of humanity and wonder.

BORIS: ROBOT OF LEISURE is still available in its original serial format for digital editions, while the Complete Series, which wrapped in late 2012, has been combined into a single 230-page paperback and can be ordered through Amazon.

The official website for BORIS: ROBOT OF LEISURE offers generous previews of the entire series, with a full free download of the first installment BORIS AND THE OPEN HOUSE. Visitors to the website can also download digital wallpaper and icons, watch promotional videos, and catch up on Boris’s blog projects BORIS 366 and 52 Weeks of Leisure.

about the author
Katharine Miller is the sole entity behind Robot of Leisure. She spent her childhood gazing out of car windows and taking notice of abandoned storefronts and distended roadside attractions and wondering what became of the characters inside. Katharine created Boris in 2003 as the face of WHiRR, a line of robot-themed paper goods and handmade crafts. She has been dedicated to Robot of Leisure story development since 2006 and continues to find new situations and stories for her naïve little robot. She enjoys peppermint stick ice cream and 1960s pop culture. Katharine is proudly American-Canadian and lives her own life of leisure in Toronto.