Suicide Notes, a film graded & mastered at Eye Candy, Inc., wins REMI awards at WorldFest Houston

Suicide Notes, a film graded & mastered at Eye Candy, Inc., wins top honors at WorldFest Houston.

Online PR News – 24-April-2013 – Houston, TX – Houston, TX - Eye Candy, Inc. helps Suicide Notes win top honors at the 46th Annual WorldFest Houston International Film Festival 2013. Suicide Notes, directed by Travis Ammons, was graded and mastered at Eye Candy, Inc. in Houston, TX on the Nucoda Color grade system. William Collins, senior colorist, completed the color grade and post for the film. Eye Candy's production and post credits include; Genesis (winner of best director/best actor/best editing/best VFX), Escape of the Wild Thing, The Waiter, Helen Alone, The CareTaker (winner of Best Drama), The Art of Giants, Suicide Notes (winner of Grand REMI: Best Film, Grand REMI: Best Actor [Lou Martini, Jr.], Grand REMI: Best Actress [Sue Rock] & Platinum REMI for Best Dark Comedy) and countless commercials, industrial documentaries and other productions.

Suicide Notes is a modestly budgeted independent film which tells the story of down and out Julian Parker who has written a play in which the lead character commits suicide. Enter the team of money hungry producers, Marla French and nudist director Don Paulson (audaciously played by Sopranos vet Lou Martini, Jr.) who decide to mount his offbeat play --- with just one small catch: they are going to cast legitimately suicidal actors who will actually KILL themselves on stage.

Flat broke, Parker has little choice and decides to sign the contract. The show opens for its weekend run. After one on-stage shooting, the play is a hit and becomes booked for more shows. After two live suicides, the show is an outright phenomenon – securing a big time cable deal and an exit for Don and Marla. With momentum building, the show moves on to the performance that features Neil, the last of the original and depressed thespians, and the film’s most sympathetic character. Will he shoot himself? Will he be stopped? One thing is for sure – the audience demands (and paid for) a Suicide!

William Collins, senior colorist /owner, commented - “The Suicide Notes post project required that the film be assembled on the timeline from an EDL, but we found that the EDL had problems. Eye Candy™ wanted to help our colleague, Larry McKee, the DP who lensed the project, realize the wonderful imagery he shot. The big job on Suicide Notes was removing the aspects of low budget indie that included evening out of lighting issues and very problematic lighting in some spots, as well as other problems that surround the end result of an ultra low budget production. We worked with our team to re-construct the film edit first in Final Cut and then to develop a new EDL that would export and connect within Nucoda. Once the project was on the Nucoda timeline, Colorist/Creative Art Director Yun Kum, developed the style of the film; it was a smooth road from there. The grade process moved quickly through the phases of the color work and we are quite proud of the end result with the film becoming a REMI winner at WorldFest Houston.”
Yun Kum, Owner and Colorist, pointed out -"We all worked hard on this film and we are proud to be a part of it. William Collins, Dan Diaz, and Channing Whitaker are so talented and worked so hard to make this great film real. Everyone did their part flawlessly, and our amazing color grading system is... well... awesome.”

Producer Mike Muscal expressed - “It helped tremendously to [have Eye Candy make it] look like a real movie.”

Director Travis Ammons said - “The film looks and sounds amazing, I've never been more pleased and proud to present something".

Director of photography Larry McKee commented, "We knew we had a great film, but it was imperative that that the images be graded properly for the film to be appreciated and compete in a professional manner. It’s always a struggle with indies to follow through and handle the images I shoot properly. Eye Candy made this into a feature that looked like a feature, it was the indelible aspect of the film that made this into a film people appreciate.”


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