AppIt Ventures Launches iPad App for Contractors

EasyBid Expert Makes Job Management Effortless

Online PR News – 24-April-2013 – Denver, CO – AppIt Ventures is pleased to announce the launch of EasyBid Expert , an iPad app that creates job estimates in an instant. This app is designed for contractors of all different trades and can be applied to construction, flooring, plumbing, or any other type of home improvement or renovation job.

The app idea was conceived by Harry Hansen, a facilities manager and electrical contractor. He recognized the inconvenience experienced by contractors, other professionals, and their customers when there is a substantial delay in the process of discussing a job, calculating an estimate, and beginning work. It’s not an efficient operation, and sometimes takes days to accomplish.

EasyBid Expert solves this problem by making the entire process quick and simple. Contractors simply input the quantities of materials needed and the labor time required for the job, and the app instantly generates an estimate in a beautiful, customized document that can be saved and sent to the customer immediately. This process can be completed on the spot during the initial job discussion, thereby improving the contractor’s efficiency and reducing the customer’s wait to job completion.

EasyBid Expert also generates annual and quarterly reports based on the saved jobs. The app provides detailed reports with sections for accounts receivable, largest invoices, sales data, and revenue, complete with a chart for tracking trends. This feature conveniently synchronizes job management and business management, allowing contractors to spend less time calculating numbers and more time completing jobs. All data is backed up in the cloud, so critical information can never be lost.

Regarding his inspiration to build EasyBid Expert, Hansen said that “nobody had a contracting app that was flexible enough to satisfy a variety of needs. None of them had a strong inventory component, the ability to create a template, or the ability to categorize inventory items. Those features are necessary for a comprehensive, high-quality app that makes contractors’ jobs easier and more efficient.”

EasyBid Expert is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad and iPad Mini
* iOS 5.0 and above
* Requires 14.4 MB

EasyBid Expert in the App Store:

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