Author Robert Thornhill Releases Lady Justice And The Assassin

Robert Thornhill, award-winning mystery/comedy author releases Lady Justice and the Assassin, the thirteenth volume in his Lady Justice series.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Independence, Mo. – Award-winning author Robert Thornhill announces the release of the thirteenth installment in his Lady Justice mystery/comedy series, Lady Justice And The Assassin.

The first twelve novels in the series, Lady Justice Takes A C.R.A.P. City Retiree Action Patrol, Lady Justice And The Lost Tapes, Lady Justice Gets Lei’d, Lady Justice And The Avenging Angels, Lady Justice And The Sting, Lady Justice And Dr. Death, Lady Justice and the Vigilante, Lady Justice and the Watchers, Lady Justice and the Candidate, Lady Justice and the Book Club Murders, Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders and Lady Justice and the Class Reunion are currently available through bookstores, online and on the author’s website.

Two radical groups have joined together for a common purpose --- to kill the President of the United States, and they're looking for the perfect person to do the job.
Not a cold-blooded killer or a vicious assassin, but a model citizen, far removed from the watchful eyes of Homeland Security.
When the president comes to Kansas City, the unlikely trio of Walt, Willie and Louie the Lip find themselves knee-deep in the planned assassination.
Join our heroes for another suspenseful mystery and lots of laughs!

Mary Stanhope of Article Write-Up writes, “The author, Robert Thornhill provides all the elements to enjoy when you pick up one of his books in the Lady Justice Mystery/Comedy series. You get to laugh and enjoy the mystery, excitement, and suspense as he draws you into the plot each and every time. In this one, you’ll be amazed how much you find yourself fighting for the underdog, Henry Martin. Yet, you are also able to empathize with how something like this could happen to someone in such desperate despair. In today’s economics, Henry Martin would not be the only one tempted by such a deal. Will his conscience save him? Lady Justice and the Assassin is about politics, prejudice and guns (the second amendment). The plot thickens as two organizations with different beliefs; the Aryan Brotherhood and the Ozark Militia are plotting the assassination the President of the United States! The lengths they go to are unbelievable. Walt Williams is a classic old time cop, one who finds himself in the right place at the wrong time. You fall in love with his friends! They add the right amount of humor to the story to keep you turning the page. As this is going on, Walt and his partner are trying to keep a young boy from joining the neighborhood gang known as the ‘Vipers’. The boy has skills they need and Rashon, the gang leader, goes to serious lengths to persuade him to join. Once again, I found this book a good read and nice addition to the series. I can’t get enough of them and wait patiently for the next one to arrive!”

Lady Justice and the Sting and Lady Justice and Dr. Death, Lady Justice and the Vigilante and Lady Justice and the Candidate won the Pinnacle Award for the best new mystery novels of Fall 2011, Winter 2012, Summer 2012, and Fall 2012 from the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs.

Robert is also the author of the Rainbow Road series of chapter books for children.