SoluSoft launches its new DMS website with responsive features

SoluSoft Technologies proudly announces the launch of its new product website with responsive features. This all new DMS site with responsive features caters easy readings, navigation with a flexible UI (user interface) to the mobile users.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat – A brief about Responsive Web Design:

A new approach aimed to give comfort to the mobile users; Responsive Web Design offers an optimal viewing experience, wherein users also experience a smooth navigation with a minimum of resizing, scrolling, and panning! Thus mobile users can cherish a smooth navigation while surfing websites in their smart-phones.

New DMS products website – The perfect feast to eyes:

SoluSoft Technologies has developed several websites so far; hence the experiments and expertise led them to achieve a new goal. Yes, the goal was to launch a product site with responsive features. Finally, the day arrived and a responsive website came into action reflecting their work, products and knowledge. This new website offers a fresh approach towards the Web Development.

A site with responsive features integrates with various user-friendly aspects and data for visitors to treat their eyes! Best of all aspects is that – this new DMS website has been designed with “responsive” CSS and some sort of HTML5 coding so that mobile users can explore websites on their tablets, iPad, mobiles/smart-phone and PCs. SoluSoft’s new responsive website has been sleeved with a flexible grid-based layout and images. This attractive version of responsive website is actively navigating to diverse pages.

The design of DMS products website focuses on the modest approach to quickly propagate data in a useful way. The freshly launched DMS products website serves simplified navigation to feature devices. Thus it gives an incredible array of diverse browsers and devices. The new website contains following products with special offers:

- N2 WDMS - Work & Document Management System
- Dashboard - Business Activity Monitoring Software
- i3 Capture - Business Activity Monitoring Software
- SoluSoft FP - Form Processing Software
- OkTest - Online knowledge Testing Software
- i2Archive - Database Archiving Solution

Knowledge”able” Website Content:

The new website content serves great knowledge on Business Process Management (BPM), its advantages and components. Moreover, the website also talks about why DMS and BPM are essential for the organizations. It gives a comprehensive explanation on the process of WDMS and ROI of DMS.

From CEO’s desk:

“Designing a DMS website with responsive features unfolds salient elements; it not only gives a flexible approach but also supports numerous devices. The SEO benefits it caters are: it helps you decrease bounce rate, offers better performance on small and big screens; moreover you can have multiple backlinks to your websites to get SEO traffic.” says CEO SoluSoft.

He further added, “Nowadays user behaviors and conversion is the new motto of internet business, to align our goal we have designed a new responsive site with useful content.”

SoluSoft Technologies, a trusted software development company has installed several methodologies while designing websites. By designing Document Management System (DMS) website with responsive features, SoluSoft Technologies has created its niche in the market.