Divorce Mediation & Family Services of Long Island, NY Launches Their New Company Website

Premier New York Mediation Office Seeks to Resolve Divorces & Family Issues Amicably.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Melville, NY – Premier New York Mediation Office Seeks to Resolve Divorces & Family Issues Amicably.

Long Island Divorce Mediation & Family Services is proud to announce the Launch of their new company website http://www.divorcemediationonline.com/. Mediation is the preferred choice over lengthy court battles, because couples can end their divorces in a neutral environment that is stress free. The professionals at Divorce Mediation & Family Services will ensure that both sides get equal treatment, so that the divorce can be resolved peacefully. This will ensure that the effects will be less dramatic on all parties that are involved, including the children. The new website launch will make it easier for current and potential clients to get the information that they need. Our office serves clients from New York City and the surrounding areas of Brooklyn, Long Island and Queens.

With the launch of their brand new website, clients will be able to learn about all of the services that we offer, and they will be able to get their questions answered on our FAQ page. Robyn D. Weisman has extensive experience in mediation, so clients can feel confident that they are getting the best mediation services available in the Long Island area. Weisman is respected in the industry as the author of "Keeping a Healthy Family Following Divorce", and goes the extra mile to ensure that her clients are fully satisfied with the resolution process. Clients can count on complete confidentiality and a relatively easy process. According to the office of Long Island Divorce Mediation & Family Services, they have a high retention rate of 80-85%. Most clients that begin the divorce mediation process at their office usually end up carrying the mediation through to the end, until the issues surrounding the divorce are resolved.

Long Island Divorce Mediation & Family Services has competent New York divorce attorneys and skilled divorce mediators on staff to help couples determine what their needs are in order to peacefully reach dissolution of the marriage. Our main goal is to help couples achieve a divorce settlement that is beneficial and in the best interests of every party that is involved. Robyn D. Weisman, Esq. is head of our New York Office, and she has had years of experience as a matrimonial mediator and attorney. The company believes that they are the best choice for mediation services, because Robyn has been in the mediation field much longer than most of her competitors in the area. She is appointed as a dispute resolution mediator and arbitrator by the state of New York.