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London, April 2010 – Corporate Solutions Logistics (CSL) a Birmingham based leading edge Logistics provider, have chosen Magenta Technology’s ( Carrier Management collaboration platform to effectively share information with both their clients and their network of carriers in a controlled and secure environment. The introduction of the solution will enable CSL to automatically receive orders from customers and, by utilising carrier rates held within the solution, will trigger electronic shipment allocation to their carrier network, considerably improving customer service, increasing profitability per shipment and increasing the overall efficiency of the existing operational planning team.

Online PR News – 24-May-2010 – – Using the web portal Corporate Solutions’ customers will book shipments online, eliminating the errors produced by rekeying information and saving time on phone calls and faxes. These shipments will be visible to Corporate Solutions’ team immediately. Customers can also manage their shipments and check on status.

The solution will then automatically choose the most appropriate supplier for a shipment, based on rates and past performance statistics. At this point an email will be sent to the carrier so that they can choose to accept or decline the work. Carriers are also able to see shipments assigned to them through the carrier web portal. The portal gives suppliers the facilities to accept or decline shipments and update information during the lifecycle of the shipment, such as when a shipment has been collected, delivered, or if there are delays. Corporate Solutions can also display a list of available work through the portal, allowing carriers to place an online offer to take the shipment.

The solution has a highly visual display that allows users to clearly see the shipment route. The same display also shows where there are backhaul options, giving users the opportunity for savings by utilising supplier vehicles that are already making journeys within the area.

To help users manage the shipments the solution also provides automatic alerts to highlight where a shipment has not yet been allocated to a supplier.
CSL will also be able to use the customer self billing feature which integrates with Corporate Solutions’ accounting system and will automatically highlight any problems and exceptions with customer invoices and supplier purchase orders.

About Magenta Technology
Founded in 1999, Magenta Technology developed our unique multi-agent technology, proving its ability to solve complex, previously intractable problems. The approach of using market forces and micro-economics, rather than mathematical or rule-based algorithms, to devise practical solutions to real world issues proved to be extremely powerful and was applied to a wide number of different sectors and problems.
Since 2006 we have been implementing world-leading dynamic scheduling solutions across a variety of industries, gaining a significant number of blue-chip clients. Magenta’s dynamic scheduling systems enable our customers to realise significantly higher utilization of their assets and to deliver superior customer service at a lower cost than is currently possible. We provide our customers with competitive advantage and higher margins while enabling them to manage the complexities of an increasingly unpredictable world.
To maximize our potential Magenta delivers a combination of complex project work for major customers and easily implemented off-the-shelf products sold on the Software as a Service model.
Magenta is a UK-based, privately-held company, which is exclusively focused on the creation of efficient dynamic scheduling solutions. Over 100 man-years of development have been spent on establishing world leadership in this niche. We have 170 staff based in the UK, Germany, US and Russia. Magenta has been consistently backed by the same Venture Capitalists for the past 8 years and forms part of the Eurovestech (EVT) portfolio of companies (

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About Corporate Solutions
CSL has over 100 year’s collective experience in the logistics industry, with knowledge and expertise that is second to none. CSL provide managed solutions for transport, warehousing, health and safety, environmental issues and other key areas of the supply chain.
Corporate Solutions was developed out of a family owned and managed haulage business - DJ Ponsonby Ltd.
DJ Ponsonby Ltd grew to a fleet of 100 trucks and 200 trailers, from four different locations within the UK.
Operations expanded to cover Parcel, Pallet, European groupage and full load divisions giving tremendous depth of experience and knowledge. The prestigious appearance of its fleet and its intense driver training programme earned it an enviable reputation within the industry.
However changing customer demands meant that the market place required more innovative remedies. This became the opportunity for Corporate Solutions to develop and prosper.

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