26.2 miles – that’s got to hurt! ….or maybe not?

A Yorkshire sports recovery clothing specialist, Incrediwell Ltd, are looking forward to helping marathon runners in recovery or training.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – 4/23/2013, Leeds, West Yorkshire – Leeds, West Yorkshire If you're one of the 35,000 or so runners who took part in the London Marathon on Sunday, the chances are that your legs and feet are aching just a little!

The popularity of the London Marathon, and marathon running in general, seems to be on the rise and Yorkshire sports-wear company Incrediwell Ltd are hoping that their specialist sports clothing and recovery clothing will appeal to runners getting back into training after their mammoth 26 mile run.

Incrediwell sell Incrediwear products, a range of sports clothing that includes sports socks, knee braces, recovery leggings, ankle supports and calf guards to help reduce cramping. Incrediwear products are popular with sports teams, atheletes and countless sports enthusiasts around the world; Incrediwell's Sales Director, Malcolm Illingworth, is certain that their products will appeal to experienced and novice marathon runners alike: "Incrediwear socks, for example, are made from patented Nano Bamboo charcoal material which sounds scientific but simply means that Incrediwear socks will increase oxygen and blood supply by up to 17%, making them ideal for wearing when long-distance running," he explained.

There's no denying that marathon running puts an incredible strain on the body, even for professional atheletes. Whilst adequate training and preparation are essential for marathon running, many runners do unfortunately sustain muscle injuries: "Runners who've injured themselves will find Incrediwear socks helpful in reducing the pain, swelling and discomfort that is often associated with sports injuries. Incrediwell also sell the Incredisupports range which has been specially designed to increase oxygen and blood flow to targeted areas such as the knees or ankles. Wearing Incredisuppors during and after a long run can be a massive help towards a speedy recovery," added Malcolm.

Incrediwear products aren't just for runners and can be worn during every day activities too: "Incrediwear products really can improve people's lives; they're specially designed to offer relief from a variety of conditions such as the symptoms associated with diabetes.

"I take my hat off to anyone who has taken part in the London Marathon - or any marathon as it really is a fantastic achievement. My message to marathon runners is to keep on running and keep your recovery times to a minimum," said Malcom.

For further information on the Incrediwear range and to visit their online shop, please see www.incrediwear.co.uk