Prepaymania provides Senior Friendly Phones for Elderly – Big Friendly Mobile Phone by Fonerange

The senior citizens of the society are not tech – savvy and thus, prefer simple to use and non – complex mobile phones. Big Button mobile phone serves this purpose of the elderly and is a better choice any day.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – stoke on trent – The advancements in the technology have been eminent since some time now. However if one looks back and peep in the lives of the people of the older generation, one will realize that the people of these generation were not equipped with technology to be tech – savvy. The less or no exposure to high – end technology is the main reason for these elderly not being able to adapt to the latest gadgets. And so, most of the people of these ages do not even demand or wish to own such gadgets as they do not interest them much. Even if they have to have something, they would prefer it to be more simple and easy to use. This is exactly the case with mobile phones.

Although there is a large group of aging people looking for simple to use phones, there are very mobile manufacturing companies that have bothered about their needs. Out of all the available options, a big button mobile phone can be a great choice for the phones for elderly. The companies launched a big button mobile phone with a purpose of catering to the needs of the elder generation of the society. One of such phones that is best in the lost is Big Friendly Mobile Phone by Fonerange. brings the big friendly Mobile Phone launched by Fonerange. It provides one of the best deals that will not only be pocket – friendly but would also help save some money comparatively. This phone only weighs 99 grams which makes it easy to carry for the elders. Since the elders can be forgetful and might not remember to charge the battery often, they need not worry as this phone comes with a standby battery of up to 10 days and talk time of upto 240 minutes.

We contacted the senior spokesperson of the company who said, β€œThe phone though is meant for the elderly, can be easily used by people who prefer simplicity and non – complex features in the phone. We ensured that the hand – set has all the basic features that a phone should have and has not compromised on it by any means.”
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