Xpert Web Development Launches Affordable Website Maintenance Services

The web site development company has launched website maintenance services at affordable rates. Service also includes web hosting, traffic reports and press release submissions.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Bangalore, Karnataka – Xpert Web Development now introduces affordable website maintenance services along with their regular website development offerings. They are aiming to offer a better website maintenance services at highly affordable rates in order to keep up with present industrial challenges.

According to the spokesperson of the company, “We are glad to introduce professional website maintenance service at affordable price for our clients. We are also offering easy back up of our clients’ web pages for secured and safe service. We would feature various affordable website maintenance plans for our clients.”

New services would also include free website management including various offers without any cost such as web hosting, information related to traffic reports and submission of Press Releases.

The latest service also includes radical changes and frequent updates to any website of the clients regarding addition of photographs, addition of Facebook buttons and other necessary widgets, latest news and events of respective companies, blog posts, changes in textual portion, news related to coupons, promotions and sales, etc.

However, the spokesperson made it clear that the company would not include certain maintenance services. “New designing, programming or redesigning the websites would be initiated with additional costs. Any change in the existing designs would attract additional charges, as per our company rules. We are only offering our advanced maintenance service at comparatively cheaper rates that our clients can afford effortlessly”, added the spokesperson.

The new service would deal with changes related to creation of any additional page, upgrading existing images, uploading new image or banners, etc. All these services would be initiated under special supervision at highly affordable prices. Some simple alterations to make any website of a client more attractive can be easily initiated in case any client approaches. However, radical transformation of any website with entirely new appearance and content would certainly be initiated under the prescribed pricing policy.

Andrew Jones, a client of Xpert Web Development mentioned, “I am really amazed to find such effective service at affordable price. Xpert Web Development has helped me to bring about crucial changes in my existing website at minimum price and now I am receiving great response from my customers.”

Xpert Web Development offers required professional and personal output to meet the requirements of all dedicated clients. Their effective customer care support even attends to every enquiry by the clients at shortest possible time. They even inform the clients about every updates regarding policies and conditions of the company.

About Xpert Web Development
Xpert Web Development is a professional website maintenance and service company. They are related to updating websites of their clients to attract traffic and reach maximum target consumers through dedicated website service and maintenance. For more details, visit http://www.xpertwebdevelopment.com/