Social Media Expert Discusses our Social Media Responsibilities in the Shadow of a Disaster

RDZ Media Group advises that people and companies on social media should be extra careful of the content they share on social media during a disaster.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – New York – We should be all mindful of the information we share and the items we post on social media when we stand in the shadow of a disaster like the events in Boston, says RDZ Media Group, LLC.

In a timely blog posting, the company shared some guidelines that can help us all be good social media citizens. As people clamor for information from any and every source in the hours and days following an event like the attack on the Boston Marathon, social media has the power to inform, influence, and inspire. The social media experts at RDZ Media claim that power comes with a responsibility.

The responsibility they discuss goes beyond the individual, companies and small businesses have a responsibility to their audience and their brand to think before they post, to be cognizant of their reader’s feelings, and above all, to not spread panic.

With a nod towards the unlimited audience and instantaneous, unfiltered reach social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide, RDZ believes that just as you shouldn’t shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater or “Bomb!” in an airport, we should all be cautious about what we share through social media in the wake of a disaster.

Their overview of this responsibility comes in 5 parts: share only relevant credible information, warn readers of graphic content, verify your sources, beware fraudulent fundraisers, and pause scheduled marketing communications.

As proponents of the power of social media, RDZ commends the City of Boston and its citizens for the compassion and resilience they showed, noting how well social media served those in need to find their loved ones, get aid to runners, and share information about lodging and food.

At the same time, for those struggling with how to communicate their emotions, support, and concerns in a time like this, they point back to their guidelines they shared. “The events in Boston brought out the best and worst of social media,” RDZ Media offers their guidance to support the best and in the hopes that we’d all see less of the worst.

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