Haikaa Yamamoto wants to know whether music can save the world ro not

Brasilia Haikaa Yamamoto, a Brazilian singer and songwriter, multicultural, has just launched a new campaign whose purpose is to produce a 10-webepisĂłdios called "Can music save the world?". In every episode, there will be plenty of live music

Online PR News – 23-April-2013 – Brasilia (DF) Brazil – Haikaa is a Brazilian singer and songwriter who has spent the last ten years of her life dedicated to creative projects. Along this journey, she met many people around the world who, just like her, are also involved with extraordinary projects whose aim is to transform the world around them through music. Imbued with this musical universality spirit, Haikaa's proposal now is to share these stories with people worldwide.

Therefore, the idea is to produce a 10-episode webseries called “Can music save the world?”. In every episode, there will be plenty of live music and big causes addressed by fun-loving people, just like herself, her friends and other people scattered to the four corners of the Planet. Haikaa then invites everyone to join her in this campaign aiming to answer that question together.

Everybody participation in this project is very important. As Haikaa says, "no one can do everything but everyone can do something when it comes to giving our planet a hand".

Music to heal the world

Relatively to these 10-webseries, Haikaa will interview people who are using their willpower and their music to build a better world. These people are already doing things really cool that can effectively help to improve the daily lives of each other. Such projects involve nice stuff such as:

* Environment: Raising awareness about the impact of our food choices in nature
* Health: Music in the healing process
* Legislation: Pushing for regulation of commercials aimed at children
* Education: Anti-bullying programs, audio-books for the blind
* Coexistence: Interfaith dialogue, promotion of social connection and cooperation
* Relief: Fundraising for women’s shelters, animal shelter
* Culture: Preservation of Native Indian traditions

Those are all talented folks so the episodes will be filled with great live music. Anyone can participate by suggesting topics to be discussed and introducing some interesting people to be interviewed.

Awards for donors

To produce this 10-episode webseries, this campaign must reach USD160,000 in incentives and it’s all or nothing. To participate, anyone can simply click on one of the incentives on the sidebar, share this campaign with friends and help the project to reach its goal.

Donors can get video, music and green rewards but, above all, will have the chance to effectively participate in this campaign. The awards are divided into several categories and includes Haika's "Work of Art" music album filled with beautiful pop-songs, her book "What is Diversity", which has received great review, in any e-book format, besides a lot of cool eco-friendly gifts, which reflects the spirit of this campaign.

Other awards may be checked on the official website of "Can Music Save the World?"
The episodes will be released on its official website and on YouTube

About the artist

Born in Brazil in 1974, multicultural, singer-songwriter and author, Haikaa grew up and lived in Japan and in the United States as well. Surrounded by almost contradictory notions of right or wrong, she ended up developing her own set of values and turning to her heart for guidance. This sense of freedom drives her creativity and permeates both her music and her writing. Her album Work of Art and her book What is Diversity? are both a tribute to the diversity in our world that she so dearly treasures.