Flip Book from the arsenal of FLIP PAGE MAKER, provides affordable digital innovation solutions

E-Book solution for the fastest growing business world bridging the gap between innovation and necessity with various multimedia contents.

Online PR News – 23-April-2013 – GuangZhou, Guangdong – Flip book is very handy in today’s internet based world, as study, entertainment and work world are highly dependent on it. As online shopping has been the prime trend in business life now a day’s digital leaflets, brochures can be used to delineate real book like layout with page turning effects.

The page flip software allows adding elements such as video, flash, links and button which will bring more conveniences in business. The software will also help create customized web catalogs to suit the ever changing needs of the firm. The company can make 3D Manual using 3D Flip page software which can be directly published online or through various social media, to get others informed regarding the company conveniently.

Information can be sent it to the respected customers and it will create a positive impression regarding the activities of the company. Insider manual can be made by using Flip book to create awareness among the employees about the upped services they are going to provide and it will boost staff material and enlighten company culture. It is a great way of sharing information with the customers as well as organization members in a very appropriate professional manner.

As this pdf to flipbook is customizable, people can highlight themselves even further. All members working should know why the company was founded and the tradition that they have been following all these years, direct talks make it boring but conveying it to them in sweet attractive format, can help one do that job easily.

The page flip software can be utilized in creating company magazines which will cover company events and other activities so that staffs can be in touch about the ongoing tasks. It will be a stunning way of spreading company culture and awareness as well. The animated scenes, multimedia contents, audio assistance and other features will really take customers to the world of a new dimension. PDF and other compatible documents too can be converted to the flipbook format in a short period of time.
Working teams and individuals can cooperate with each other to making an attractive brochure thus making the key element of customers’ organization, teamwork, achieved easily.