New software offers a convenient way to learn speed reading for FREE!

Improving your reading speed can have a life changing impact on your productivity, learning potential and overall effectiveness. Now there’s a brand new software tool that can comfortably train you to read faster and get more done in less time – and best of all it’s free.

Online PR News – 27-July-2009 – – If you’re like most people, then you probably have to wade through an enormous amount of information every single day as part of your work, studies or personal activities. This is not only time consuming but can be overwhelming due to the sheer volume of information you face in reports, emails, books, journals and so on. This is where speed reading comes in.

Learning how to speed read can help you cut through all your reading material in up to half the time. The problem for most people is finding the time to practice. Now there’s a new, ultra-convenient flash training software tool that you can use to practice speed reading while working normally at your computer.

Released this month by leading speed reading expert, Robert Watson, this free tool is designed to increase your eye-reaction speed so you can pick up on words faster and also trains your peripheral vision to take in more words at a single glance. The software is fast-paced so bad reading habits such as sub-vocalization (where you pronounce words in your head) are eliminated as it’s virtually impossible to articulate words when reading at high speed.

As Mr. Watson explains, “the idea behind this tool is to help people get into the habit of speed reading through repetition and regular practice. The software intermittently flashes short phrases and messages at you while you’re busy with other activities at your computer. The messages only appear for a tiny fraction of a second so your brain quickly learns how to process chunks of words at a time as opposed to inefficiently trying to read words one by one. Re-reading is also eradicated as your eyes can’t skip back to read a previous message. Soon enough, you’ll be able to increase your reading speed from the standard 200 to 300 words per minute, to exceptional rates of 600 to 1000 plus words in a minute.”

The software also offers a unique spin-off. It uses empowering subliminal messages to help you gain confidence as you practice. You can also customise the software by adding your own inspirational messages, configuring text font and transparency and by adjusting the speed settings to stretch yourself as much as you want.

“What this software proves is that you don’t have to work through dozens of exercises or set aside hours of your time to increase your reading speed dramatically. The opportunity is there to practice whenever you happen to be at your computer. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your mind learns to work in a productive state where you can internalize the meaning of whole phrases at a time”, says Mr. Watson.

All in all it’s a highly practical and enjoyable way to establish good habits for speed reading, and it’s FREE.