InfoTrellis Inc., a leading provider of Big Data and MDM solutions and services, announced today the most recent version of their report and dashboard driven Master Data Management governance tool.

Online PR News – 23-April-2013 – Toronto, ON – InfoTrellis Inc., a leading provider of Big Data and MDM solutions and services, announced today the most recent version of their report and dashboard driven Master Data Management governance tool.

MDM Veriscope, which originally launched in 2011, is the company’s solution to the demand of clients for greater transparency and reporting capabilities from their MDM Hub. The tool provides metrics for both business and IT users of the hub with a focus on measuring data quality trends and operational trends. The development of this product was spurred by consistent requests from MDM Hub users for a way to better measure the business impact and health of their MDM solution over time, often after organizations had been forced to build their own custom solutions to provide satisfactory insights into the performance of their MDM product.

The call for stronger monitoring solutions is one that top industry analysts and data governance experts have made note of in the past. “Not only does data profiling provide extremely useful information about the quality of data, it will also help in discovering the underlying characteristics and discrepancies associated with data,” writes data management community thought leader and IBM Senior Specialist Prashanta Chandramohan on his MDM trend tracking and tech talk blog. “The tool you use should be able to generate easy-to-interpret reports for pre- and post- data cleansing activities. As an architect, one has to put in place a well-designed, easy-to-use and effective data profiling tool. The tool should be placed relative to both initial data migration as well as ongoing data integration tasks.”

MDM Veriscope is a much broader product than just a data profiling tool, positioned as it is for long-term data governance, metric gathering, issue tracking and trend monitoring. Chandramohan’s comments emphasize the real need in MDM solutions for reporting and operational monitoring capabilities. Throughout the industry, others are echoing this sentiment.

“The organizations with flourishing, impactful MDM solutions and high standards of data quality are the ones that embrace data governance and stewardship as a long-term commitment,” says Sunil Soares, founder and managing partner of Information Asset, LLC and previously Director of Information Governance at IBM. “The ability to closely monitor the performance of your MDM solution is irrevocably linked to how effectively and easily your data stewardship team can perform this essential task. A tool that allows higher transparency to business users and IT users is a powerful aide in establishing and maintaining the ideal data governance program.”

From the moment of its initiation, MDM Veriscope has been deliberately designed around the functionality desired by clients for a more meaningful understanding of their MDM investment. The highlights of the new features arriving with version 3.0 include two new browser based dashboards for more efficient and effective data stewardship. The first of these is the Master Data Dashboard, which allows for visualizing master data change trends, composition and quality trends including issue discovery, resolution and backlog trends. The second dashboard is the MDM Hub Activity Dashboard, which is designed for visualizing real-time hub activity including transaction failure trends, SLA failure trends and insights into transactional activity and response times.

“The philosophy behind these offerings,” says InfoTrellis VP of Product Dave Borean, “is to take a client’s MDM solution to the next level. Organizations invest in Master Data Management because they want their data to be trustworthy and their systems to be more efficient. MDM Veriscope’s core purpose is to make sure the MDM Hub is living up to those promised results at the highest level possible, resulting in business impact that is both significant and measureable.”

In addition to new dashboards, MDM Veriscope 3.0 has enhanced and added to its already exhaustive line-up of preconfigured reports and scans. Default reports come available to run out of the box; the reporting functionality is completely dynamic and customizable, allowing users to create new reports of their own. Scans and reports can be generated on demand or on an automated schedule.

Version 3.0 also includes a browser based user interface for administrating the analytics processes and, on the back end, support for more DB and OS platforms to more easily integrate with clients’ heterogeneous environments. Significant work has also gone into enhancing the built in analytics, which have been pre-configured based on over a decade of MDM experience to operate on the logic and definitions of established data governance best practices.

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InfoTrellis is a premier consulting company in the MDM and Big Data space that is actively involved in the information management community and constantly striving to improve the value of MDM to their customers. To learn more about MDM Veriscope, visit the product page, view the available sample reports, or contact the InfoTrellis MDM Veriscope team directly at to schedule a product demonstration.