Navneet gems a gemstone based company settling a new branch office in UK this month.

Navneet Gems & minerals is settling a new office in UK. Company started its business in Thailand and now it has worldwide connection and offices. By day one company is fulling customer need and has won the trust of thousand of clients.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Bangkok,Thailand – Navneet gems a gemstone based company started with a small office in Thailand and now company is settling a new branch office in UK this month.

“It just takes a small step to touch the zenith”. Yes it is very true. Navneet Gems started its odyssey of Gemstone business 18 years ago in Thailand and now it’s a time when company has established its branches in Thailand, India and Hongkok. By end of this month Navneet Gems is opening office in UK also.
Since the starting time company staff and owner were quality and good service focused and as the results company reached high. Navneetgems is dealing in both semi precious and precious stones. Company has established an everlasting relationship with their customers because of quality, service and frequent response. Many Jewelers, retailers and wholesaler are daily trading with company in large quantity. Company is fulfilling their customers need whether client need loose free size, calibrated or customized gemstones.

Navneet gems and minerals has large stock of both semi precious and precious gemstones. In different colours stones such as Citrine, Blue Topaz, White Topaz, Mystic topaz, Aquamarine, Garnet, All Quartz, Amethyst, Blue Moonstone, Blue Sapphire, Yellow sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Emerald, Semi Precious Stones Beads and Black Diamonds. If your need is any offbeat or different kind of shape then you can order to company according your need. So far Navneetgems has touched the clients’ requirement in cost effective way.

You can easily order Gemstone by visiting our site. Navneetgems(dot)com is quite user friendly website. When you will have a look, you will get to know. We provide Cabochons, Facetted, Concave cut or Checkerboard cutting in all Gemstones.