Ontario Consumers Welcomes the Government’ Proposed Reforms to Stop Double Water Billing

Ontario Consumers Home Services welcomes the Ministry of Consumer Services’ proposed consumer protection reforms to safeguard the rights of Ontario consumers.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Toronto, Ontario April 22, 2013 – In Ontario, there is a hot battle going on – The Battle of Water Heaters Rental. The stiff competition led the water heater rental companies to explore innovative marketing and sales strategies to increase sales and get a bigger piece of the market pie. Traditional media and social media are flooded with number of campaigns advertised by the Ontario water heater rental companies, complaints made by the Ontario consumers, and cautions indicated by the Ministry of Consumer Services.

Ontario Consumers are being victimized everyday by the door-to-door sellers of water heaters and furnaces rental companies. They arrive unannounced at the doorstep and say like – ‘We are from your existing water heater rental company. We want to inspect your water heater. We want to check the water tank. We want to check if the water heater is performing well’. It has been a common practice by the water heater rental companies in Ontario. Due to the misguidance led by few agencies, good companies are facing problems, and as a resultant severe loss of business revenue. Their agents are facing problems when they really arrive at the doors of their consumers for the real-time services or inspections.

Consumers, who have replaced their existing, water heaters and furnaces misled by the door-to-door sales agents and services representatives are ranting and filing complaints against those agencies. They are alleging that they are receiving the water heaters rental bill from both - their existing services provider and the agencies which have replaced the heating equipments. A large number of households have been victimized of the double billing system in Ottawa, Toronto, Sudbury, Niagara Falls, Windsor, Kenora and so on. Double billing is a common issue with Ontarian customers now days.

To safeguard the interests of the consumers, the Ontario Government plans to strengthen the Ontario consumer protection by introducing new consumer protection reforms. The Ministry of Consumer Services is planning to solidify the consumer protection legislation by imposing new rules on those agencies which often mislead the consumers at the door-step and misled them into a poor purchase decision. “By focussing on door-to-door water heater sales, we’re taking action on an important consumer concern, and protecting Ontario’s families, seniors and newcomers when they make purchases at their front doors," says Tracy MacCharles, Minister of Consumer Services.

Ontario Consumers Home services (OCHS) praises the recent move by the Ministry of Consumer Services. Ontario Consumers Home Services is always concerned about their consumers and welcome any action for better protection for consumers. The successful implementation of the proposed reforms by the Ontario Government will undoubtedly “increase consumer confidence all across Ontario”, creating “a fair, safe and informed marketplace” and providing opportunity to all good water heaters rental and furnaces rental companies like Ontario Consumers Home Services to fight against the bad businesses.

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