AD Systems Promotes Eco-friendly Displays For Businesses and Corporate

AD Systems recommends use of eco-friendly digital advertising solutions that consume less energy and are mellow on the environment.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Austin, Texas, North Carolina – Known for offering a vast range of indoor outdoor advertising solutions, AD Systems promotes the use of eco-friendly displays and systems for businesses and corporate usage. Addressing staff members and community representatives, senior management asserted the advantages of LED solutions that save energy while offering higher application efficiency.

AD Systems brand is known for superior quality. Its digital LED signs are favored by businesses and organizations that look forward to solutions that use green technology. Active in the business for more than three decades, it is known for its total “systems” approach that covers every project aspect starting from image design to product engineering, project management, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

High quality light emitting diodes are required to build display machines with better visibility. Hence, AD Systems sources top quality LEDs to built its indoor and outdoor display machines. All its digital solutions pass stringent quality checks so that its global clients get the best products to achieve business objectives. Head of product development department stated;

“Power bills can raise substantially when digital billboards are running around the clock for brand promotion. Considering the same, we develop products that consume less energy and bring down electricity expenses. From Indoor LED Systems to outdoor digital billboards, all our products are made from high quality diodes. We put the same technology at work to develop our products and can proudly say that all our offerings keep electricity bills at lowest levels. Perhaps, the same commitment has earned us the loyalty of small businesses to whom electricity bills matter a lot”

AD Systems is a seasoned player in the field of automated displays systems and is known for sturdy products that can bear desert heat, torrential rains, high winds, snow, ice and other natural blows. It is also known for five year warranty on all of its digital display sign and machines at no additional charge. To help small businesses that hesitate before buying a digital display due to the large investment involved, AD Systems offers attractive financing options.

Modern businesses and international brands nowadays prefer business partners that give due consideration to the environment and also employ steps to safeguard it. Shoppers too prefer to buy from brands that are associated with environmental measures in any way. AD Systems makes its commitment to green technology known on its website itself and promises future clients high-end digital displays. So, it can be said that the firm offers the best of both technology as well as environment.

AD Systems is a seasoned display firm that manufactures, installs and services automated digital displays all over the world. It offers a vast range of LED display sign & solutions for commercial, industrial, corporate, financial and institutional usage. Regularly scheduled maintenance programs and upfront support helps the firm in extending the life of its products.

AD Systems has been catering to the display needs of global brands for three decades now, and is well familiar with the specific requirements of businesses. From single line LED displays to hi-definition outdoor machines, it has impressive list of digital products at competitive prices.

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