Gynaecology Centres Australia Provides Safe and Non-Judgemental Pregnancy Termination Services

Gynaecology Centres Australia (GCA) is the provider of safe and testified first trimester pregnancy termination services.

Online PR News – 25-April-2013 – Hurstville, NSW – Gynaecology Centres Australia (GCA) is the provider of safe and testified first trimester pregnancy termination services. The clinic has been operational since 1988 and has conducted numerous safe terminations since then. The salient features of terminations The terminations are safe, legal and non-judgemental. The information provided is concrete and complete and fully unbiased. The way it works at GCA is that every patient is assessed individually and is given detailed counseling before the procedure. The treatment given is extremely personal as it is understood that pregnancy termination is an extremely sensitive issue.

GCA - Gynaecology Centres Australia is a trusted provider of pregnancy termination services. It is a clinic where emphasis is always laid on the emotional and psychological aspects of termination. It is understood that termination is not a pleasant choice for any patient or her family. This is something which calls for extra care on the clinic’s part and that is something which is duly provided. What makes GCA different from other similar clinics is that it believes is establishing a thorough dialogue with the patients. Before the actual procedure, a thorough consultation session is organised with the patient after which the medical history of the patient is studied an ultrasound test is conducted to in which the site of pregnancy is revealed.

The consultation process is something which is valued a lot at GCA. During the consultation process advice (given by a team of expert doctors) is given to the patient on a number of issues associated with pregnancy and termination. The discussion’s confidentiality is maintained. Post-termination, written information about possible complications and expectations is provided to the patient.

GCA is also a provider of “medical abortion”. Of late, medical abortion has emerged as an alternative way to terminate pregnancy of early stages. GCA thus gives the patients an option between medical abortion and surgical abortion, the former being a new-age procedure and the latter being a conventional one. Before both the procedures, due assessments of the patients are conducted to see if they fit the criteria for a particular procedure.

Another forte of GCA is giving patients sound professional advice on contraception and overall female health care which includes breast examinations, pap smears, sexual health, menopause management, weight management, bowel screening, osteoporosis screening, fertility management and postnatal checks.

Male Vasectomy

The latest from GCA’s stable is male vasectomy. This service is now available at Newcastle, Wollongong and Hurstville centres where three highly qualified and experienced surgeons perform the surgery with utmost care. Vasectomy is a permanent contraceptive solution with a high success rate. At GCA, this procedure is carried out with great precision and dexterity and is concluded in about 30 minutes. Only local anaesthesia may be administered for vasectomy.

At GCA, the endeavour is always to understand complicated issues like pregnancy termination and contraception. The medical staff is extremely forthcoming. Patients can call any time during the day to discuss their situation with expert doctors of DCA.

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