“Guerilla” Start-up Disrupts the Travel Industry

Guerilla Getaways is a new vacation planning company, which creates custom travel itineraries and provides practical, local information for each trip.

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – Guerilla Getaways wants travelers to have the vacation of a lifetime, without spending a lifetime planning the trip. It’s a revolutionary idea in today’s hectic world, where many travelers are discouraged from taking exciting trips due to the amount of planning required. Travelers often settle for boring, yet easy-to-plan vacations or they turn to traditional travel agents, whose advice can be biased by commissions.

Guerilla Getaways is a team of experienced world travelers, who independently build vacation itineraries from scratch, based on what a customer is interested in and what they can afford. The company handles all of the research for a trip, but lets customers make the final reservations. This approach saves time, eliminates commissions, and keeps vacation planning focused on the customer.

The start-up also stands out with its focus on providing practical information. According to Guerilla Getaways’ website, each itinerary comes “with a practical guide featuring detailed information on how to get around, useful phrases in the local language, and other essentials.” This guide positions Guerilla Getaways as a hybrid, combining the hip, insider knowledge of indie travel books with the planning capabilities of a professional travel agency.

Director, Nick Raithel, has over 20 years of experience traveling and working internationally. His experiences as a globetrotter include backpacking across Eastern Europe, working as a journalist in Hong Kong, and surfing the East Coast of Australia. Nick has continued traveling to this day and often writes itineraries for the company, on location.

To learn more about Guerilla Getaways, visit http://www.GuerillaGetaways.com or email Travel@GuerillaGetaways.com.